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Buy a mini pc hdmi from DX.com! It's your best choice. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. Try browsing mini pc wifi, mini pc bluetooth. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.
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mini pc hdmi Customers Reviews

  • MINIX special device for offices. Works fine with Windows 7

    posted by DOCTORGUSCHIN

    But as a thin client, at the time! Power consumption of the CPU - 10 Watt .Due to various connectors have the opportunity to expand hardware capabilities
    Purchased for MINIX European / EU Type PC AC Power Cord / Cable (120CM/250V) SKU 23188.
    MINIX special device for offices. Works fine with Windows 7 and desktop AERO
  • Beautiful body TV BOX

    posted by VladLy

    - Sending came in a month- High-quality packaged- TV Box from a good plastic and looks expensive- High-quality HDMI-cable- Good Wi-Fi- In the properties you can try to adjust the resolution and aspect ratio screen- For those who have used Android devices will be very easy to set up the deviceAt this end the positive qualities
    The impression is that the specifications on the website dx.com not have to do with this device
    This device can be purchased if you esthete and does not bother you that inside TV BOX. You can buy this device if you are not demanding for quality video, but you have a LCD monitor and speakers to listen to that music. For high-quality video and gaming device is not suitable.
  • Better Android devices out there

    posted by Jakester519

    Small form factor and quite a nice shape. Plenty of venting in the casing to help keep it cool during operations.All cables supplied.Good HDMI picture output upto 1080p.
    The non installation and inability to use the PLAY STORE is a major failing.Having to use other marketplace stores after installing them yourself is also a problem.There are much better Android devices out there than this one.Do yourself a favour and look at something else, especially the Jeserun Xplus devices.
    Look at other devices first, this is not the best model available to showcase the Android TV systems.
  • Worth every penny

    posted by gyodai

    Simple and easy to use. Just plug in your TV and is done! The HDMI extension which comes with this model is very good too. In the hands of an expert user, the sky is the limit.
    Worth every penny. You have a complete computer and with an external Hard Drive, the possibilities are infinite.
    An incredible product. Avoid the cheaper models, this is the one. The stock firmware is not so good, but is not too hard to flash it.
  • Works perfectly!

    posted by tamirste

    The MK802-II works beautify, it fast and works smoothly. no video problems or audio.It has 2 USB hots to connect keyboard,mouse,HDD,USB storage and more. It supports the following apps:Gmail,Youtube,Netflix,XBMC media center, VOD apps from Israel, facebook, MX player.It plays video locally from SD, from home network using XBMC app, from netflix, all at HD.It has small blue led to notify the dongle is alive and has power and its nice.I also add to the mk802 on the HDMI output a 3D converter (egreat) which works perfectly with the mk802 so I also see real 3D movies with red-blue glasses.I also attached IR remote control mouse and not 2.4Ghz wireless and its also works immediate with no problems so my IR controller works well.
    It would be nice that in the manual the vendor will notify that it must have 2A USB power adapter.It would be nice if the vendor will provide pre-installed apps such as youtube, gmail etc.
    What can I say, I thought it will be slow, or lack things, but at the HAPPY END it works nice, with all my crazy VOD and Media center applications so I'm very happy.

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