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mini oscilloscope Customers Reviews

  • Nice Gadget

    posted by Miikun

    I haven't had a chance to use it in detail, but it's very small and pocketable. It came with a single probe, some colored rings, a battery and a back plate.
    A manual was not included, it would be nice if a link were included.
    Looking good so far!
  • Great product for Sunday's Electricians

    posted by Rascafr007

    - It's tiny and cute ; fit perfectly in a pocket- Came with two probes (x1/x10 for high frequency signals and another one for use with a breadboard)- It's OPEN-SOURCE ! You can easely find examples of code and compilator to customize your DSO (Add XY mode, FFT view, increase performances, or play Snake...)- LCD Screen is very bright, and there is a buzzer inside of the product- You can save waveforms in a lot of formats : BMP, CSV (to use with Excel)- Autonomy is very good due to the high capacity battery (1000 mAh)- The DSO seems to be built with high quality materials.- The signals generator can produce a lot a kind of waveforms, up to 8 MHz- You can setup logical operations between the two digital inputs (AND, OR), and mathematical operations between the two analogs inputs (+, -)- The Trigger works pretty well !
    If you need to know what's happening in a circuit, this device is for you ! Of course, for the price, you cannot expect the performances of a true digital oscilloscope, but remember that the DSO is 10 times less expensive !Documentation says it's able to get signals up to 72 MHz, but in reality, this number is the rate of samples / seconds. So I prefer to say that the max frequency of a signal to be analysed is ~10Mhz.Maybe the device can be delivered without calibration. Don't worry, there is a automatic calibration mode in the setup menu :)
    If you dream of sinusoidal waveforms all of the night, don't wait anymore : BUY IT ! You will not regret it ! :)
  • jaaphooi

    posted by jaaphooi

    it's a good scope for simple things for a quick measuring of some signals,you got a good overall view of all settings and it's very compact (my phone is bigger)
    Nice to have with you (in my case)It's a good tool to use in som situations to see if there are disruptions in a bus line or a circuit,it is fast enough to see that.
    Worth the moneyLook's good work's fine ,compact and good display batery time is also good and charge on usb (laptop).
  • simple Digital Oscilloscope

    posted by abaletinskikh

    Very lightweight, Easy for use. Running less than a second
    device has an accuracy of 3%, enough for troubleshooting but not enough to adjust or configure. synchronized to the falling edge, rising edge, both edges. Device have automatic adjustmentAutomatic measurement of frequency, maximum voltage, under voltage, the signal amplitude. memory size of 4 kilobytes.


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