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  • Nice open source oscilloscope !

    posted by ATN22

    -It as most of the function of a desktop oscilloscope. (Automatic measurment of: Frame/sec, Vbatt, Vpp, Vdc, RMS, min, max, frq, cir, duty cycle, TH, TL, ch.A+ch.B, ch.A-ch.B, ch.C or ch.D, ch.C and ch.D, triggering on rinsing/falling, Vth .....)-It is very portable (small and light weight)-It is open source!!!-It is updatable.-The sample rate is more than enough for most electronic application. (I have mesured signals up to 8 MHz without problems)-There is an integrated function generator going from 10Hz to 8MHz (ie. an output that can be reprogramed to send test signals to another device ... Again, it is open souce!!!)-One can put up to 4 differents programs at the same time in the device.
    It comes with the SYSTEM version 1.40 and the APP version 2.42. I upgraded it to SYS 1.50 and APP 2.50.
    -If one is looking for a simple small oscilloscope and is ready to pay a little more, this is a very good buy.-If one is looking for an open source device wich can be transformed into almost anything from mini video game console to in the field customised debugging device for your products ... This is a freaking awesome buy!
  • Muy útil considerando precio

    posted by algoespacio

    Low cost - BaratoLong battery life - Buena duración de batería
    very useful for DIY users - Muy útil para hobby y usuarios caseros.
    Obviously limited capacities compared with a professional oscyloscope, but considering the price, i'm very satisfied. - Obviamente no tiene las mismas capacidadesque un osciloscopio profesional, pero considerando el precio, excelente herramienta. Muy contento con la compra.
  • simple Digital Oscilloscope

    posted by abaletinskikh

    Very lightweight, Easy for use. Running less than a second
    device has an accuracy of 3%, enough for troubleshooting but not enough to adjust or configure. synchronized to the falling edge, rising edge, both edges. Device have automatic adjustmentAutomatic measurement of frequency, maximum voltage, under voltage, the signal amplitude. memory size of 4 kilobytes.
  • jaaphooi

    posted by jaaphooi

    it's a good scope for simple things for a quick measuring of some signals,you got a good overall view of all settings and it's very compact (my phone is bigger)
    Nice to have with you (in my case)It's a good tool to use in som situations to see if there are disruptions in a bus line or a circuit,it is fast enough to see that.
    Worth the moneyLook's good work's fine ,compact and good display batery time is also good and charge on usb (laptop).
  • Kind of good one

    posted by xxkip

    It really lightweight and surprisingly small. Have a nice advanced customizable settings and can be tuned and calibrated. I've calibrated it using Flux, but this device is not very precise, so any multimeter is enough for calibration. BUT CALIBRATION IS MANDATORY! Level is very off.Remember that you can and must save your settings after tuning... you can find a button combination on a web, sorry, I already forgot.
    Well, it is easy to note that actually that was a MP3/Video Player! That's it... all the sockets, event test signal wire - it was a pin for a holding strip for a player (to wire it on neck or hand, sorry I don't know how this belt usually called in English). In this item even button labels remains as it was for MP3 player. Just funny :) but this doesn't bother me.
    I'm generally analyzing 5V TTL schemas, so not very demanding to frequency and micro volts...


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