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On this page, you can find a wide selection of mini optical mouse. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

mini optical mouse Customers Reviews

  • Coolest little mouse I ever saw!

    posted by TheButterfly

    The small size makes it perfect for throwing in the net-book or laptop case. Travels very well. The retractable cable is really nice.
    Small and handy to have in the bag, even if you just use it occasionally. Good build quality
    Hard to find a mouse like this unless you go to a specialty store. I use it on my 2nd computer all the time, you can easily fit them onto any desk.
  • Cool

    posted by silvrdata

    It has a small USB radio which is nice when connected to the laptop. It also has a slot in the mouse where you can put the usb Radio when you are not using it so you dont lose the little usb. Which is very nice.
    It is a little lightweight, which makes it good for travel. The light underneith is Blue unlike most mice which are red. I really liked that. Also the precision is preety good and quite sensitive, which makes it good for gameing or photo editing.
    The blue light is very chill and relaxing. Its quite useful and easy to carry. Quite a cool little gadget to have with your laptop
  • excellent mouse

    posted by ergattone

    aesthetic very nice, very pleasant to the touch sensations, excellent value for money, two AAA batteries included.
    batteries included, however, have been discharged after about 10 days, hopefully because they were highly charged. Currently, I'm using the new batteries for about 7 days I hope it will last at least a month. otherwise the purchase will be too expensive because of the batteries to be replaced every 10 days.
    It would be nice if it included a software or a light to indicate when the battiere are low.
  • great mouse

    posted by Stanka16

    very small, nice, usefull,this mouse is quite small, so it is very convenient to put in a bag for class or else. Also goes very well with a netbook, it is very compact. For womans hand it is great. And also for students...
    very nice for this price, lovely and small , if you are in need for a small mouse, i would recommend this one
    nice, very cheap, easy to use, compatibile with windows 7, and windows XP.
  • Great colour!

    posted by MarijkeZwolle

    I bought this mouse for my friend because she really loves yellow! She thinks it's great! It has a nice size, so it is easy to take with you. The colour is really bright yellow. It works just fine.
    Buy one as a gift or for yourself. You can use it with your laptop because of the seize and weight.
    Great mouse, especially when you are a fan of yellow! :) Price is good, although there are cheaper versions. You just have to get it because of the great colour.

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