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  • MP3 Plater Module

    posted by uvnitr

    This simple device is easy to use. The sound quality is sufficient. Manufacturing quality is good, it seems to be reliable product. Basic functions can be controlled with four front panel buttons, more function you can access with the enclosed IR remote controller.
    Device comes without any manual but the connectors are clearly marked on the board.
    My remote controller came scratched and some buttons are unreliable. I performed no tests of built-in FM receiver.
  • Simply amazing. Simple, perfect sound.

    posted by nztdm

    Very simple and easy to use. Just connect left and right inputs from MP3 player and connect speakers. Doesn't get hot at all, consumes little power, and makes surprisingly loud sound. The best thing is, the sound quality is perfect!
    Add a dual-gang potentiometer between input and you will have volume control. This is very useful for making mini battery powered speaker amplifiers for MP3 players.
    I highly recommend this product as it is simple, easy to use, and works very well.
  • a good product.

    posted by JakoMeister

    it is the cheapest Mini 8 x 8 Red LED Display i have found. Other products similar like this costs at least 10 dollars. It is easy to use with your DIY projects with arduino or raspberry pi (or another). It works fine. A good product with a great price.
    So you need a lot of wires to plug all the pins, i suggest you, to use a controller like the mcp23017 or something similar like this (with a only mcp23017 you can use both Mini 8 x 8 Red LED Display at the same time).
  • RS-232 Transceiver Breakout Board

    posted by 4ndre

    Nicely built 9.5x16mm PCB with MAX3232 CSE+ (16PIN SO Package 3.0 to 5.5V) and the respective 0.1µF plus VCC capacitors.This is the recommended setup for this component.Small form factor, you can easily put it in an existing project.
    Very useful for interface with today 'all USB' and legacy RS-232 devices. You'll need to check the datasheet of 'MAX3232'In the top is the RX2/TX2 on the bottom RX1/TX1, in all the sides is the VCC + GND.
    Definitely worth the price, I would buy more of this items!
  • Excellent

    posted by elomy2010

    Installed this meter in my camper to measure level of the camper battery (especially when dry camping with no hookups). Easy to read (even from a distance). Nice blue backlight which also functions as a nightlight in the camper.
    Very good value for money, the device works well, the readings are very accurate and the power consumption is very low. The device could be connected to a car batterie for months without noticable drain the battery. This is even better if you disconnect the ilumination.
    Very good unit. Works well and easier to read than I expected. I will buy again for round 2 prototype and possibly limited production run.


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