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  • perfect purchase, not only suitable for printers

    posted by petohl1

    This Manual Switch is not only for printers and certainly not specific for HP/Samsung Printer.This switch is suitable for: keyboard, mouse, external hard drive, printers, external soundcard, or any USB hub (with multiple devices).You can switch to use connected device(s) between 2 computers. Build quality is very good. Small housing, but of thicker plastic material - good resistance.Data lines on the PCB is thick enough. Connectors and switch seem to be a good quality.No electronic inside - good reliability.Switching all wires.Easy to use.
    Don't remember - this is switch: you can use connected mouse, keyboard, hard drive or usb hub only in one computer at a time and you switch which computer that will.
  • It just works

    posted by fredeve

    VERY cheap.Just works.Doesent feel very cheap.have usead for over a month, it still works.The RJ45 contact seem to be of good quality.
    for this price, this product is awsome, the plastic doesent feel very cheap.Did not take to long to ship.
    only place on the web i could find such a product, and it was very cheap.I use this device every day to switch between two internal networks, no problems at all. I give this product my best ratings.Thumbs up from me.
  • Great tool

    posted by macandy

    Nice tool for sewing, decent and modern outlook, sews in mm pin length.Generally, this is a good awe inspiring tool, i mostly cherish it for the extra admiration you get from your neighbors and friends.
    You will have to learn a special way of cutting the thread when you are done sewing otherwise the thread just goes off in one jerk. I think i will have to make a video about that though.
    I will advise you get this if you use jean and hard materials (Leader inclusive) that will need sewing, this tool works excellently with it, just used it to sew myself a leather case for my tablet pc. ROCKS
  • Great product

    posted by necho

    This pump is made very solid, despite it looks very simple and cheap, it feels very good quality. It is huge so you will inflate your flat basketball in a second. I didn't try to inflate bike tire though. The needle attachment is also very well made, however it could be little longer if you ask me.
    It is red so you will not lose it easily, it looks like a giant syringe so you can scare children lol ;)
    If you need well made air pump for a bargain pick up this one and you will not be disappointed.
  • nice design

    posted by adokiki

    this is a very nice product, i never knew it will be as beautiful as this. it more beautiful than the way it appears online.i bought for my wife and she was very please with it all i keep hearing from her is thank you, thank you. so Dx.com thank you.nice build qualityit came with two needles one installed the other one a spare. it also came with thread. though it looks fragile but you need not keep things like this carelessly.tested it and it was working perfectly,
    it should have come with a battery or a dc adapter.
    nice product recommended for every home

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