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  • work it!

    posted by orituk

    is a machine to carry anywhere, so in case of accident with no more worries clothes, use the machine and voila!is lightweight and easy grip to sew, the metal is very good quality so it does not generate feeling that tear easily
    if you take anywhere in a bag is recommended to take it in a case closely, because the wire that leads to the side will come out easily and if given space becomes entangled in the whole machine, so you always have to have it securelymust read and understand very well the instruction manual because the principle is much the basic drawings as well put the thread if you want to change
  • Great tool

    posted by macandy

    Nice tool for sewing, decent and modern outlook, sews in mm pin length.Generally, this is a good awe inspiring tool, i mostly cherish it for the extra admiration you get from your neighbors and friends.
    You will have to learn a special way of cutting the thread when you are done sewing otherwise the thread just goes off in one jerk. I think i will have to make a video about that though.
    I will advise you get this if you use jean and hard materials (Leader inclusive) that will need sewing, this tool works excellently with it, just used it to sew myself a leather case for my tablet pc. ROCKS
  • Works well, battery compartment not

    posted by cyriusbe

    - Perfect for small work- Quick out, job done fast,quick in- Hand or on table- big reel- lever to block cloth- 2 speeds
    Without the battery compartment problem, would have put 5*.
    I also have bought another small factor "hand" version, but i prefer this one for speed selection.
  • Good, but somewhat large dimmer that does the trick.

    posted by TKoos

    Looks robust and pricey. Well manufactured, way better than the other stuff from DX I have ordered through the years.
    The PWM is on the cathode (12V-).+12V in/out is connected to each other.
    Very good price/performance ratio on this product.I have not installed in my boat yet, but I have no fear that they will fail to work as expected.
  • Great product

    posted by necho

    This pump is made very solid, despite it looks very simple and cheap, it feels very good quality. It is huge so you will inflate your flat basketball in a second. I didn't try to inflate bike tire though. The needle attachment is also very well made, however it could be little longer if you ask me.
    It is red so you will not lose it easily, it looks like a giant syringe so you can scare children lol ;)
    If you need well made air pump for a bargain pick up this one and you will not be disappointed.


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