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You can easily find the latest low priced mini keychain offered at our online shop. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.

mini keychain Customers Reviews

  • great.

    posted by GalGal2

    * Stainless Steel.
    * good build quality .
    * not as heavy as i afraid.
    * shining!
    * very nice color.
    * come in a small exclusive box.
    * much bigger then expected.
    * fair price.
    * big ring.
    i especially like saws because of the movie series.
    you can pick which tool that you like.
    go for it!
    cheap, nice , scare the hell out of people.
    great produce, especially if you are fans of "the saw".
    highly recommended!!!
  • Works as an adapter for Sprint EVO 4G

    posted by clockcycle

    Very small. The small elastic included is great to keep from loosing it. Tested with a Sony Camera data cable and an HTC Touch Pro data cable with a Sprint EVO 4G phone and it connected perfectly to the PC for charging and or data transfers without any problems.
    Have not tested with car or wall chargers yet to confirm.
    I would recommend this to anyone that has old mini usb accessories to use with devices that come with micro usb connectors.
  • Neat RGB blinker

    posted by zemike

    I don't have the previous version, but this one has two modes to switch on: instant press and twist.
    I opened the case and gently bent the wire to make it closer to the battery. Now if you twist the metal cover the bulb will switch on.
    This plastic thing is rather heavy.
    For small kids I recommend the multicolor snowball - it is safer and a more gentle color transition.
  • useful after sunset

    posted by colonization

    good light small and cheap but efficient, light is brilliat white and powerful and last longMaterial is strong enaugh for border and downthaun use
    store in the same keycian the car key and olso the house key, at night will be helpfull , you always will be able to open door in the dark but be careful yu could lose keychain and olso keys
    poket money great satisfaction and now you will see the hole clearly in the huge blaclk of the darkest forest
  • It works

    posted by ReNaTcHeX

    A good keychain.Very useful for anyone who comes home and has no lighting.It has a good range.Easy to use with only one button.Do not forget to buy batteries
    I would buy some more of these, because people liked these gadgets, besides being a very useful and easy to carry.
    Nothing at all

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