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  • Awesome product

    posted by mararules

    Very useful, easy to use. Just plug and use it. I was not sure it would work for my computer because I have no idea of GHz and stuff, but it works on any computer. I've tried it at friends' houses, too.
    Just what I needed!! The mouse function is great for watching movies on the computer plugged to the TV without getting up from the sofa. You also have the keys to enter web addresses or users and passwords. I mainly use it for viewing content on Netflix.
    Highly recommend it and would buy it again.
  • Complete keyboard in very compact space

    posted by tz2026

    This is a full PC Bluetooth keyboard so works with computers (and things like the Nokia N810)
    The pattern is typical PC QWERTY with even symbols in the right places.
    You can generate every possible keystroke anything will require in an obvious manner and without special or mode-shift keys.
    Compact (pocket size).
    Very easy to use - just turn on. Do the paperclip button above enter to pair. Type pincode.
    Uses common, inexpensive batteries (aaa).
    Simple on/off switch.
    Insert batteries, turn on, poke the pairing, and start the other device. If the other device picks a pin, type it in using the numeric row, then hit enter. Otherwise use 1234 (and you will have to type it). Then start typing away.
    Inexpensive, but more for use like a remote control or thumb board than a real keyboard. But probably the best I've seen for things not intended for two-handed touch typing. Once you figure out pairing it is easy. Only major problem is you don't have a numlock or capslock indicator. Minor problem is the illegible "numeric keypad". Good value, but would be better with a numlock/capslock and a little paint to make the numbers visible.
  • a must-have companion for HTPC

    posted by NeSBCN

    - The device can control both the PC *and* also TV plus one additional device, provided they can be operated with an IR remote: the Rii learns the commands and can succesfully operate a TV, a receiver, ..
    - The device is small and light
    - it has a nice design
    - it has Function buttons (F1,F2,...)
    - the mini-trackpad is very responsive
    - it has a backlight on all the keys
    - the operating range is acceptable (can get several meters, even within cabinet)
    This keyboard is not Bluetooth, keep that in mind because you will always need the provided RF 2.4GHz receiver.
    If you need a keyboard+mouse for your HTPC, this is undoubtedly one of the best devices available.
  • Little to light but it works great

    posted by jaslb

    It´s very easy to carry in case you want to take it with you on your trips.It doesn´t need any batteries because it has it integrated. You can charge with your ps3 or a computer.It works perfectly when using it in a big livingroom from the sofa.
    Great deal for a good price. Easy to use and very functional.
    Great item for a great price. It worked plug and play with my ps3. I connected it with the cable that came with it and ready to go.
  • Excellent

    posted by wargon

    Excellent built quality.Powerful processor.Excellent media capabilities.Remote keyboard is quite good.I used with ethernet to access a network drive, didnt test the network fully but seems to work well.Tested with high quality MKVs:- 40 mbsps mkv : plays video and sound but video has noticeable micro jumps - 18 mbps: plays video and sound but video is not perfectly smooth - 6 mbps: plays perfectly smooth
    Notice that it is the MINI version, compared with the not MINI: - it is smaller and does not have enhanced wifi (dual channel, external antenna)- only 2 usb ports which may be enough but you have to tke it into account. - Also it does not have jack audio input/output. Didnt test the wifi access point capability, neither bluetooth, neither playing games with a gamepad Most of the information provided in reviews for the not MINI version applies for this device (search youtube), since internally are pretty much the same.
    I would go for this one if you plan to use it with ethernet, otherwise go for the bigger brother (not MINI).FW quality is better than other devices i guess, so i dont expect to have serious inestability problems.


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