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  • Excelent REMOTE/KEYBOARD for android media player

    posted by Elemanoel

    Tiny and versatile . Has a remote control size and comes with a powerfull laser pointerExcelent for presentations with interaction.
    A replacement battery would be a great add onit has a baclight on the keyboard.
    EXCELENT PRODUCT...i deffinetly recomend this keyboard.
  • Best gadget in the house

    posted by MiroslavCvejic

    Very lightweight, doesn't cause fatigue after prolonged use.
    Easy to pair with PC or PS3, even Android phone.
    No drivers needed. Works out-of-the-box.
    Rubber pads on bottom proved to be excellent for bettergrip on smooth surfaces.
    No trouble typing with one hand.
    Touchpad is awesome considering it's size.
    The gadget itself appears to be firmly built, doesn't bend or twist. No cracking noise.
    This is by far the best remote control for PC I used so far. It's the size of a regular remote control and it's a keyboard & touchpad combo. So far I used it on laptop connected to 42" TV as remote and for chatting on PS3.
    I sincerely doubt for this price there's a better solution for Bluetooth keyboard and touchpad. It's compact, yet not too small to type on. Touchpad works flawlessly. Pair'n'play.
  • Has more uses than just typing

    posted by Vertifai

    Very good size for thumb typing with both hands.Media controls are useful for many uses (use them a lot)
    If you have smaller fingers, you can type using the keyboard on a table. But thumb typing is faster.I tested this keyboard with 3 PC's, one Android tablet, and my Nokia 808. On one of the PC's that only had Bluetooth 2.0. There were some key repeating problems.
    If you need a small portable keyboard, and you do not care that you will not be able to type that fast, then I would recommend it
  • Worth the try

    posted by 16bits

    - Backlight- has everything (touchpad, keyboard, remote ir learning, laser pointer)- Multimedia keys (not dedicated).- The directionals keys are very well placed- The keyboard has good presion feedback. - It is very portable - Rechargeable battery replaceable.
    - I bought 2 and one of them it has one side (touchpad side) a little open like if the screws were not very well adjusted.- If you wanna use it for presentations keep in mind that the signal gets interrupted with a persons body , specially when you are not near your PC (3meters).
    I would buy it again cause it has everything , i just wish the signal was stronger (couch distance should be fine) and the build quality was better. I also have to say that the "finish look" quality was good or at least ok. The keyboard doesnt feel cheap at all.
  • Keyboard for Archos 101it

    posted by cyriusbe

    - Keyboard, real one, not that virtual boring one
    - Laser, let's say it's a toy for the cat ;-)
    - Mini mouse pad, mouse button
    - Lighting in the dark
    - Can be on the sofa, the archos locked on tv, driving it easy
    - work on android 2.3 and seven
    - scroll pad !!
    - working volume control
    Price and usage of such a product is for me a limit to buy it from DX. I accept some flaws on it because of lower price, i would have it returned if more expensive on another company, mainly because of the keys hard to get sometimes, but i cannot compare to another BT kbd so it might be the archos.Part of this review was written using it under win 7, same keys got to be pushed harder ('n' f.i.) to get out, but reaction was faster.
    "using it to type ow without makig correction. i think it ees to be used to makee the problematic keys workig better." Switching back to normal kbd: yep, 'n' need to be pushed harder ;-), 'e' is coming out easy.


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