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mini fridge fridge Customers Reviews

  • Pretty useful and looks great.

    posted by elite777halo

    It uses a peltier element so when it is on 'cool' mode it draws heat away from the plate and to the heat sink where it is blown away by the fan. On cool mode I got 1 degree Celsius as the lowest temperature. There was a fair amount of condensation on the plate. On heat mode i got 40 degrees Celsius as the maximum temperature (and it is pretty hot to the touch).The fan only turns on when using cool mode so heat mode is silent.For those of you who are wondering, yes this model fridge is big enough for a 375mL can to fit inside. That is the biggest thing I managed to fit, although it is useful for other things like a makeshift incubator.
    It's a pretty cool item to have. The fan is not that noisy at all.
    It does have many applications. It can heat and cool and it is a fun thing to have on your table etc.
  • A unique gadget

    posted by hfssmb

    Unique and awesome gadget! You really may keep whatever you are drinking in an acceptable temperature. If you have a 5V USB power supply (common with mobile phones and also available at DX) you may plug it to a regular socket. Awesome!
    Due to the fact that what cools the drink is at the bottom and that it works using thermal conduction, it works better with cans and metal cups than with glass cups. Here I have some aluminium cups that work just fine. Looking at DX I found that SKU: 49173 may be usefull if you don't have such a thing in your home or office.
    If you want to have a mini fridge on your desk, buy it now. Otherwise you should change your mind because it is freaking cool(in both meanings)!
  • Mini Voice Recorder Fridge Magnet

    posted by Rubbish165

    Really handy for 'not forgetting' things. Every time you pass by, the recorded message is played.
    It's also stops you from diving into your metal cookie jar or refridgerator when you are hungry. Very effective when you record a 'pig sound'
    My Mother really loves it! Think I'm going to buy one extra ' spare' just in case this one breaks down. really a funny gadget. For me...definately worth the buy.
  • Great fridge

    posted by k3bab

    USB powered, so you don't need a power adapter.
    Can both heat and cool.
    Pretty effective to be USB powered. I'm not sure how much power it draws though, but USB 2.0 only allows 500mA which is 2,5W.
    I studied the fridge and it works pretty simple. Under the metal plate there's a peltier element, and when it's connected to 5V it draws heat from the one side and over to the other side where the fan blows the heat away. If you turn the switch over to heat, the voltage is reversed and it draws heat the opposite way.
    It advertises that it's compatible with Mac and PC. I figured it's also compatible with my Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.


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