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Check out the great mini fm transmitter to see if there is any that suits you. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Try browsing 3.5mm fm transmitter, fm transmitter range. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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mini fm transmitter Customers Reviews

  • Nice litle unit but failed after 3 months

    posted by eagle1077

    Small, can work indoors with a seperate 120VAC to USB adapter. Higher volume than my old FM transmitter; more closely matches the volume of radio stations so you don't have a big volume jump when you switch to a radio station.Advertised for iphone, but works with anything with headphone jack output.
    The power LED still turns on but no output. I was using it in the bathroom to pipe music from my mp3 player to my shower radio. Maybe the steam from the shower got to it, but these are designed for use in cars so they should be able to handle pretty harsh conditions. I usually left it on 24/7. One weird thing I noticed is it has a microphone on it, so when you turn off the mp3 player it switches to broadcasting the microphone input. You might not want that if you have neighbors cose enogh to pick up its signal and you leave it plugged in all the time.
    It's the best thing I've found for using around the house, so I'm going to give it another try to see if it was a fluke that it died so quickly.
  • Nice player, a few problems

    posted by WibbleBoy

    Good sound quality.Clear screen (if a little small).16GB SD SupportFolder support.
    If you want to play music in sequence, this is excellent. You can select either a folder or all tracks and then skip forward and back, but there is no random or shuffle support. I worked around this by writing a "scramble" application for the PC which grabbed music in a random order and copied it to the SD card.Screen is clear and shows the track name, but the text scrolls so slow that it takes over 30 seconds to scroll 10 characters, the song usually finishes before is reaches the end of most filenames.Mine has a faulty "back" button (remote works fine) so I've had to raise an RMA.
    Cheap and works well, but the lack of random play is a big minus, and I would have preferred either the SD card to fully insert, or maybe support for MicroSD TF cards.
  • Works as intended

    posted by grayfoxzero

    - this fella's LOUD at the normal volume settings. I connected it to my bass amp for testing, and believe me, you better turn down the volume!- long-distance wireless: I can run as far as 3-4 metres and am still connected.- on the contrary to what you read in the other reviews, both my units came with batteries. Just lift up the foam thingy (that hold the earpiece, receiver and transmitter in place) and you'll find the batteries packed in a small plastic bag, though I would encourage you to buy rechargeable types to save on cost and environment in the long term.
    A better quality housing and more thought put into the design would make this product a best seller.
    Does it says on the unit's description. At the end of the day, it's still usable, sounds great and meets my needs.
  • great for the price

    posted by giantpeach

    Complete with batteriesRather light weight; the transmitter has a clip to hang it on your trouser, but it could also fit in your pocket (like a pack of cigarettes)It works!Great priceOn receiver the frequency can be fine-adjustedGreat on short distance (only tested 10 metres, more could definitaly work)Can be used with other mics as well (with small jack plug)Small receiver
    I will probably use another, less omni, mic
    Seen the price it's a great device. If you need it, buy it. Probably with another mic.


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