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  • Nice litle unit but failed after 3 months

    posted by eagle1077

    Small, can work indoors with a seperate 120VAC to USB adapter. Higher volume than my old FM transmitter; more closely matches the volume of radio stations so you don't have a big volume jump when you switch to a radio station.Advertised for iphone, but works with anything with headphone jack output.
    The power LED still turns on but no output. I was using it in the bathroom to pipe music from my mp3 player to my shower radio. Maybe the steam from the shower got to it, but these are designed for use in cars so they should be able to handle pretty harsh conditions. I usually left it on 24/7. One weird thing I noticed is it has a microphone on it, so when you turn off the mp3 player it switches to broadcasting the microphone input. You might not want that if you have neighbors cose enogh to pick up its signal and you leave it plugged in all the time.
    It's the best thing I've found for using around the house, so I'm going to give it another try to see if it was a fluke that it died so quickly.
  • Turn anything into MP3/FM radio player

    posted by premet

    Great price.Easy installation. Labels on circuit board are clear and comprehensive.Aux input (if you need one).Remote controll works better than expected.
    Great module that will allow you to make MP3 player out almost any audio device (in my case old cassette player). Well worth the price.
  • How to play video on this product

    posted by Rub4o

    It`s work and have a good look. Colored display and menu are very nice, you can see title of played songs, volume level, EQ possition and frequency.
    It`s play video but not this introduced in review. You can play only AMV video files with lowest resolution (like 160x120, with low bitrate and frames). You must convert your videos to AMV video format and put it on memory card.If you have audio and video files stored on SD card, the player automatically start playing audio files. To start playing video files you must do 2 steps:1-st You may pause playing audio files;2-nd You must hold "M" button (menu button) for more than 3 seconds, after that you will see Menu with 3 options to choose: Music, Video and Pictures. You must select Video and will start video selection. When you pause video playing and pres for second "M" button you can start navigate browsing of video files. To back playing audio files you must pause playing video and again hold "M" button for more than 3 seconds, and choose "Music" menu.
    The product is good for prise, but have some important faulty:- the player haven`t USB input option like promoted (you can`t use USB memory stick);- the player haven`t memory of last played song, after stop the engine or player, it start from first folder and song, and if you drive on short distance you will hear same songs;- the players menu is hard to navigate between folders or change audio to video menu (if you have some folders with different songs or video), you must stop the car and setup the menu with 3-4 operations.- the player haven`t mini USB to USB cable in set (it`s promoted to have, but in set haven`t);- transmitted sound is not perfect (have parasite noise like most FM transmitters);- the menu haven`t option to play Randomly (Shuffle) audio files;


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