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You can find fashionable mini flashlights at a low price. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.

mini flashlights Customers Reviews

  • Awesome Product

    posted by viper001

    Great small keychain torch.... Build quality is really good. Bought a lot of items from deal x and this is one of the best products i've bought under $5 so far.
    Light shines pretty bright for how small it is and i also like the on/off switch on the back. All in all definitely worth buying!
    100% worth it. Buy it!!!
    Awesome for a small torch!
  • Works as intended

    posted by asdasd123123

    It fits in the DC plug of my wifes Mazda 323F just fine.Bright enough for finding stuff in the dark inside the car.Battery appears to last a long time, been used for an hour in the cold, couldn't say it appeared to have weakened.
    Not a whole lot to say, it's a tiny flashlight with a small output of light, great runtime.
    It's a good emergency light.Arguably, a "regular" flashlight with a Li-Ion cell wouldn't discharge..Biggest pro, is that you know where it is.
  • A very bright, tiny light

    posted by EdFromOhio

    Very, very small.Very bright for the size.Uses AAA batteries which are very common in the US.Simple 1-mode for non-flashaholics.
    I purchased this to replace a similar one my mother-in-law lost. It took a while to arrive, but after trying it out, my son immediately said "I want that one." Mind you I have about a dozen very bright lights, but he likes this the best because it's tiny.
    If you want a light to throw in your pocket or purse, this is a "highly recommended" light. It's also a great gift idea for family or friends since in the US, AAA batteries are everywhere and doesn't require any special charger.
  • Great light, you'll be pleasantly surprised

    posted by danm200

    Build quality is great, glow in the dark green oring, came very well lubed, threads are triangular cut and very clean, battery tube is very thick and robustly built, two springs in the front and in the back, electronic quality switch, thermal pathway seems ok, light gets a little hot, beam is nicely focused and clean, a little on the throwy side
    The 200 lumen claim actually holds water. I compared the beam against an Olight I1 and it's in the same league, considering I only fed the Zhishunjia some cheapo Ultrafire blues "1200" mAh.
    Great for the price, buy it as you see it don't think about it. Small in the hands but very strong and solid. I only wish I had ordered more.
  • Useful too!

    posted by georgioarmaneli

    Well it is cheap and small, looks elegant. It worked on 4 out of 5 tvs i have tried so far. three sonys and two samsung. Didnt work on one of the samsungs... Range is good, about 5 meters maybe longer.
    Pretty good. Actually, I think I am gonna use it as a regular remote control because the original sony lags and takes up to ten seconds to respond to up and down voice.
    Pretty good, bad battery.

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