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mini dvr 2.5 Customers Reviews

  • Nice gadget that does what it has to.

    posted by Petrovnin

    This thing is what you want if you're here. Records video with sound that can be opened from PC without additional codecs, not creating load to CPU for decoding. Date & time are also captured. Easy mount and almost easy unmount. Standard mini-usb plug + coaxial 5V, 32 Gb SDHC - no problem, auto recording when powered, wide angle lens, screen rotating in 2 directions for easier viewing, detected by PC via USB (while no driver in Windows 7), no warming during operation even for a long time, auto file truncate (5 minutes per file) for easier further processing/viewing, 4 LEDs on front that are probably making things auto white balance that is working more-less fine, audio auto gain control. Power cable is LONG! You can use it as rear camera attached to rear glass still powered from cigarette lighter in front.
    Don't apply any force trying to attach/adjust/detach the device in the car, each time you apply force, can be the last one. But if you're careful, it will hopefully work for long.
    Hope you will never use your recordings for the purposes they've initially recorded. Just enjoy this little thing and have fun!
  • Dmitry

    posted by Dimocyka

    Pretty good quality build, comfortable fit to the car window povoronty lens is very handy thing was. has a menu in Russian language in general, the normal translation understand even child
    When shooting in 640 * 480 picture is normal enough sightseeing and a good read.
    In general, the unit is not worse and no better than their counterparts in the price range to $ 70 while its real price, I would give 45-50 dollars
  • Short review of the HD DVR

    posted by JohnTRN

    Nice size unit.Relatively easy to use.Mount works well.Comes with 12V power and USB cables.
    Add ability to rotate image 180 degrees 'upside down' in the Mode to allow dash/surface mounting.Will this charge/power-up/record on USB cable? Will have to try soon.Hmmmm, wonder if I can ad an IR Driving Light to my car???
    One of those things you really wanted, but didn't really need. So, a birthday present to myself. With a round trip of 150 miles to work, twice a week, there could be some interesting video come out of this.
  • Loop Record feature not functioning.

    posted by mkrabach2

    Video pretty good, not as good as GoPro or similar, but close. Small size so it does not take up much window space.
    Included directions do not exactly match the unit menu. The "Period Setting" in the menu is a mystery.
    Works as described except requiring formating the 32GB micro SD card (which is what I use) when it is filled up. Fortunately formating is easy with the cam menu.
  • Nice DVR

    posted by gneijsel

    Nice DVR, well built, easy to use.Good picture quality! High resolution (900x350?). I could even read the subtitles with my HD media player attached as video source.It charges via USB, but it even comes with an external charger (110-240V). It's not suitable for european wall outlets (it has flat pins), but if you have an adapter from another charger like i did, it works.Didn't test the battery yet, so i don't know if it will last for serveral hours.
    If you want to order an extra battery with it, use SKU06302. I've tested it. It fits, it works.I use it as an external display for an underwater video housing. It would be nice if the software would allow to switch off the date/time in the upper right corner.
    Good price/quality balance

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