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mini dvi to mini displayport

You can buy cheap mini dvi to mini displayport from us. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. We try our best to make your shopping experience stress free, so you can have the best shopping experience available.
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mini dvi to mini displayport Customers Reviews

  • Great price, awesome product!

    posted by vallovic

    - Having the adapter and the cable, everything in just one piece, it's amazing! You don't need to by two objects separately, this is the right solution.- The material feels great, just like the Apple ones.
    This was my thought after tried it at home: "Who could I've bought a VGA adapter first, when I had this?"
    You have a MacBook and an external monitor with DVI support? Don't waste your time and your money and buy this... Now!
  • Works Great

    posted by travisjones

    Works just like the Apple one on a MacBook Air, but is heaps cheaper. It also works great on a Lenovo X1 laptop from the Mini Display Port to the back of the monitor.
    Remember that this cable is designed to connect to the back of the monitor directly. We used it on a Samsung LCD and an LED monitor with no problems, and didn't use the cable that came with the monitor.
    If you want to connect from your MacBook or Laptop directly to your monitor (not using the cable that comes with the monitor), this is the cable for you.
  • Good device if you need it

    posted by syuusuke

    This works as described. I only use this for HDMI output purposes so this device fits the bill. Using HDMI on this device doesn't have any ghosting type effects but although rarely, I do see random red lines but if I jiggle the unit, it will just flicker back. This only happens very rarely.
    Not much, it works.
    if this thing dies on me, I'd just get another one. The Apple store stuff is too expensive.
  • Plug and Play (MacBook Air 2012 w/ Mountain Lion)

    posted by CwTham

    - it just work without any need for driver installation or whatnot.- build quality was good, not sure if it's on par with original Apple's product.- this has a nicer built than its VGA counterpart (SKU: 27603 @ http://www.dx.com/p/mini-displayport-male-to-vga-female-adapter-1080p-27603) with the sunken female connector. Looks better aesthetically.- physical connection to Mini Display port fits snuggly. Connection to DVI port is tight and feels solid as well.- comes with sealed packaging with plastic cap on mini display port connector. Can pass for original product any time.- able to detect monitor model correctly.- it's even cheaper than its VGA counterpart.
    With this kind of price and working quality, I wouldn't mind buying another as spare if this spoiled prematurely. Overall quality feels really good and the cable was not flimsy at all. Connectors are tight on each side, which made it feel really good in quality and eliminates any loose feeling when connected. Other than the shipping packaging that causes the sealed packaging wrinkled, there is not any cons in this product.
    If you need or want this, just buy it. It works just like that. Don't even have to snap your fingers and chant.
  • Works with 30" Apple Cinema Display

    posted by Jonas0707

    This adapter will connect the 30" Apple Cinema Display to a new MacBook with MiniDisplay Port at full resolution.
    Adapter has DVI+USB connector and you need to connect both. This adapter is the least expensive one I found. To me it's the only adapter allowing my to use my older - but still superb Apple Cinema Display - with my new MacBook.
    Without this adapter I would have a useless 30" inch display.

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