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  • Highly recommended!

    posted by ecvychas

    The item looks very like a genuine. Works good. And makes me think why to overpay for a genuine Apple accessories? Connected my macbook to a monitor through the mini DVI port and used another DVI cable for the in between, and it worked extremely well.
    Well packed and easyly opened.
    I'd say this is definatly worth the money. It works well (even if you have to use a bit of force). If you're thinking of saving money on Mac accessories, this is probably the best way! Get this if you want to connect your mac to another monitor, and want to save money!
  • Brilliant!

    posted by legendofpedro

    Worked straight way and flawlessly. Great build quality; feels solid enough. Is stamped as being an official Apple product and even comes with plastic covers for the port and plug.Only a fraction of the cost of an Apple cable; about 20% of the cost here.
    Buy it if you need it, just make sure this is the correct version of the cable for the Macbook that you have; they aren't all Mini-DVI!
  • work perfectly

    posted by hoonpups

    - very cheap- works in 1080p
    I use it with my macbook in clamshell mode and the picture produced is excellent and of extreme sharpnessAs usual shipping for the product was relatively long well over 2 weeks, but that isn't an issue as the prices are so cheap and the products are what they are.
    - buy it if you need one of these adapters as it works perfectly and is super cheap. another great deal from deal extreme.

    posted by keitai906i

    - HDMI, Displayport, and DVI all on one adaptor.- HDMI (tested on late 2010 unibody macbook pro) works up to and including 1080p, plus sound output through HDMI.- Having all 3 available saves having to look for individual items!
    It runs like a charm, easy setup, plug and play and your Macbook should pick it up automatically...Nice thing (minute to some, but imo great to have) included was the cap/cover for the mini displayport end- keeps it safe from dirt and things when not in use.Havent tested any adaptors yet on the DVI to see if they will convert to VGA. (but from what I've read seems almost unlikely)
    For the price you pay, for the quality you get out of it, things couldn't have been better. Not a complete all-in-one for me, but a savior when it comes to presentation and anything else I need my MBP to display on!
  • Works and is a great replacment

    posted by ridim

    Great value and works like a charm
    DVI is the way to go!i tried VGA and HDMI but the quality of dvi is superior
    GET IT.. i did!!****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

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