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The perfect mini dvi female here to meet all your needs. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Read independent customer reviews to see just how large and popular DX online retail website is.

mini dvi female Customers Reviews

  • work great

    posted by Toasters

    Perfect for the mac mini to connect to your HDMI TV. The mac will adapt the resolution to your TV automatic ! The cable fit great, very well made, connectors fit well together. I have now my mac mini connected to my TV using HDMI, using PLEX, i can now watch full 1080p movie, and using a special adaptor, i have also the sound 5.1 on my amp. But not here on DX, but i found one on amazon, search for Toslink Female to Optical Mini Male Adapter.
    pretty cheap if you look the pricing on apple ;)
    Bottomline: it does what is it supposed to do
  • Buy it! And get a perfect image!

    posted by Svytos

    Looks goodComes well packagedIt worksThis is as close to genuine as it gets, and it's probably the biggest difference in price between genuine and copy! In Ukraine this easially costs around 40-50$, so you see there is a reason I bought this.
    This is proof that Apple overcharges for their accessories for no reason. I recon this is a copy, but it's just as good as the original, if not better (packaged in an easially opened, but safe seal)
    I'd say this is definetly worth the money. It works well (even if you have to use a bit of force).If you're thinking of saving money on Mac accessories, this is probably the best way!

    posted by keitai906i

    - HDMI, Displayport, and DVI all on one adaptor.- HDMI (tested on late 2010 unibody macbook pro) works up to and including 1080p, plus sound output through HDMI.- Having all 3 available saves having to look for individual items!
    It runs like a charm, easy setup, plug and play and your Macbook should pick it up automatically...Nice thing (minute to some, but imo great to have) included was the cap/cover for the mini displayport end- keeps it safe from dirt and things when not in use.Havent tested any adaptors yet on the DVI to see if they will convert to VGA. (but from what I've read seems almost unlikely)
    For the price you pay, for the quality you get out of it, things couldn't have been better. Not a complete all-in-one for me, but a savior when it comes to presentation and anything else I need my MBP to display on!
  • Working adapter for a reasonable price

    posted by MikkoG4

    Cheap compared to the original.
    Does it's job as it's supposed to, and feels quite well built.
    Not as sturdy as the Apple original, but it hasn't fallen apart in a year.
    This doesn't support DVI-A, so no VGA through this one. Neither does the original, so it's no con.
    A good MiniDP->DVI adapter.
  • Brilliant!

    posted by legendofpedro

    Worked straight way and flawlessly. Great build quality; feels solid enough. Is stamped as being an official Apple product and even comes with plastic covers for the port and plug.Only a fraction of the cost of an Apple cable; about 20% of the cost here.
    Buy it if you need it, just make sure this is the correct version of the cable for the Macbook that you have; they aren't all Mini-DVI!


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