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mini dvb-t digital tv usb dongle

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mini dvb-t digital tv usb dongle Customers Reviews

  • Tv on pc

    posted by Jantjebravo

    Handy to watch tv on your notebook or pc, I use for the room I rent. Does receive and decode the signaals good, don't have many problems watching tv. Included software is great and easy to use, it does have a record function. The antenne has a magneet. Maybe you can use it in your car, if you put the antenne on top. Didn't try it, but I think it would work. Searches the station itself and remember them. Second time you just 'zap'.
    Great thing to watch TV, not all stations are in the air in europe. For students who rent a room somewhere this is a good thing to have some TV there.
    Buy it if you need a little bit of TV anywhere. It works great, but it also depends on the TV/radio signals in your town.
  • Very nice and easy to use

    posted by hoadn

    Very good quality, It turns your PC screen into a DVB-T TV receiver,ligh weight , very good easy compact IR remote controllerI use this to record tivi channel.It's was super, you can set time to record. I really love this. It's work both on my Windows 7 and xp.
    Nice to have! and must have for traveler :)
    Recommend, Good product. Buy it and you wont regret and totally worth the price. It could be excellent after fixing reported problems, HDTV especially!
  • Geest product with many possibilities!

    posted by alexvermaat

    This is not just a DVB-T TV stick, but because it's equipped with a RTL2832U+R820T chipset, a far more versatile tuner.You can also receive FM radio, air traffic radio, DAB(+), weather satellite images and a lot more with the right software.You can also use it on a Linux-based settopbox, like Dreambix, VU+, Xtrend and probably many more (tested on a Xtrend ET9500).
    Antenna and remote control are often not used.Maybe you can deliver a stick even more cheaper without these items.
    Great buy, no complaints so far.
  • cheap RTL2832U chip

    posted by RoboW

    - perfect for SDR, driver for dvb-t is installed automatically under ubuntu, for sdr usage is the driver easy to install- perfect for diy projects, case is easy to open- stable antenna connector
    blue power LED is very bright
    Cheapest RTL2832U Chip I found, works fine as SDR. But don't expect many extra features, that other TV-Sticks have
  • Great gadget!

    posted by CrypterMKD

    I use it to listen to DVB-T radios. The antenna works well even inside my house. Windows 7 found driver from online update but I installed the one on the CD. It comes with Blaze video software which has automatic scan for channels. The antenna has magnetic bottom so you can place it on you car's roof while watching TV on your laptop in your car.
    It's one of the cheapest, it's very compact.

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