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If you want to purchase mini dv camera, this is your best place to buy it. At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. Customers who purchased mini dv camera also viewed mini cmos camera, mini camera sd. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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mini dv camera Customers Reviews

  • Perfect

    posted by lilbirdrule

    Good value hdmi to dv cable. Priced very well also. Quality is good if not similar to any retail branded cable but for much less.
    Works like any brand named cables. We have used it to connect our digital High Definition camcorder to our LCD TV with no problems. Worked the first time.
    Must buy from DX for all your cable needs (and any other electronics - heck no shipping or taxes to pay) You really can't go wrong. Don't buy expensive cables when you can get a very similar quality cable from Deal Extreme.
  • Very good camera for water sports

    posted by chipeek

    H264 video format1280x70 - 60fps very goodCan be directly connected to TV (buttons serves then as a remote controller and TV is a display) or computer (mass storage)Charging via USB (USB charger included and you can buy an adapter to your car)
    Built-in accumulator - cannot be replaced (but there probably isn't another solution)The lens are small therefore the accidental water drops are bigger (I read something about elliminating them using a toothpaste but have not tested it yet)The output video is dark and the lens have barrel distortion but this can be also easily corrected.
    Very good camera for the price. The output videos are comparable to GoPro (are worse, of course, but not much). If i lost it, i will definitely buy exactly the same type.
  • Worth the money

    posted by gionik

    The video quality is very good...do not compare with brand names...but...taking into account the price, this item it can be considered a very good deal.The battery is working for 3 hours of video recording, the quality of the video is very good, and the anti-shake lens really do the trick. Actually, after ordering this product and tested, I have ordered another one (similar) for a friend of mine.
    Buy it!!
    Worth buying this product!!!
  • A very good sport camcorder

    posted by mailel

    Good video quality during daytime even overcast and including dawn and dusk. It captures fast action very good too. Auto exposure is able to select proper EV in high contrast scenes. It takes about 1 second to change to proper exposure from a bright scene to a shadow area. Control is simple but you need to memorize the whole menu in your mind.
    If enough attachments are provided/purchased to this camera, it can be on par with GoPro (compared with GoPro already) with cheaper price and slimmer body.
    You won't go wrong with this. The price seems lower now too.
  • Never think twice, Just Buy it !!

    posted by kannanvb

    Awesome build quality!!In performance = best in the Cheapest !Easy to balance.Smooth beautiful videos !!
    You may check this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-TsV5SkWJFU
    As being a beginner in film making, I always make sure not to compromise in the quality of my shots. I searched a lot and tried for making a DIY steadicam and didnt get satisfied on the output. Its all about fine precise engineering and balancing. So i decided to give a try to this one. My long search for a nice performance budget Steadicam ended here. Its output is really worth more than the price tag. Just spend that little price for all the way to satisfaction.

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