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mini displayport hdmi cable

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mini displayport hdmi cable Customers Reviews

  • Great Product if you own a mac

    posted by fgpaz13

    - the build and quality looks great you can compare with those apple propriety cables.
    - fits perfectly on new macbook mini display
    - its small, lightweight
    there is no propriety mini display -> hdmi yet on the market. Grab yours now to show that great display on an full hd tv
  • Awesome quality for a good price

    posted by mrgoodliving

    Great built-in quality, the same as a genuine apple cable. The picture quality is also awesome, no problems so far, even though im not an expert, but it seems normal.
    Maybe the could sell it with some kind of packaging, like a little bag or something.
    Awesome built-in quality cable for a very good price, probably the same cable as you would get in any other store, but for double or triple the prize. Good value
  • It does what it says it does

    posted by Guatom

    1. Simple and efficient design.2. It does what it says it does.3. Hard to find it in just one piece, so this is kind of a rarity. Other ways to solve the problem this cable solves is buying an adapter and then handling two pieces (cable + adapter).4. White color for Apple fanboys or hipsters.5. Great portability, since it's... Just a cable, you know, cables are easy to carry. No big endings, it's just what's its needed.
    I buyed this for my Lenovo T430i which has many borders, folds, nooks and crannies in the place where the ** connector side gets plugged. When viewing the cable, I thought "Oh god, this is never gonna fit!", but it fitted perfectly. In fact, too perfectly. It's like designers of the cable thought "We bet that laptop designers are gonna make it difficult for a cable to get plugged so let's make a tiny connector".
    Do you need to connect a DisplayPort to a HDMI port? Buy this.
  • Great quality, perfect image

    posted by gustavobguerra

    Very good build quality, beautiful white style, perfectly fitted, gives a perfect sharpness. Good at all.
    Don't go after longer cables, or you can get problems with screen resolution. ** port has limitations regarding this, maybe by the low voltage of this interface... if you got a cable larger than 10 ft or 3m you will not reach 1080p res. This size is perfect for desktop computer x led screen if both are side by side or in the same furniture. Don't buy if you have them in opposite corners of the room, for example.
    I'm using this for some months and very satisfied. Nothing else.
  • The best for AMD Eyefinity

    posted by manamski

    The main reason why I bought this cable (converter) was that it is active and works with AMD Eyefinity technology. My graphics card AMD Radeon HD 7850 has a DVI, HDMI, 2 x Mini DisplayPort. I want to use 3 monitors at the same time, but I do not have any monitor with DisplayPort interface (DVI and HDMI only). To use 3 monitors necessarily had to use ACTIVE miniDP to HDMI adapter. I use this cable with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels and it works correctly.
    I recommend it to people who want to connect more than two monitors to one graphics card using AMD Eyefinity technology.
    Previously I was using a PASSIVE adapter and I could use only 2 of 3 connected monitors at the same time. Now, with this adapter, I can use 3 monitors on one graphics card simultaneously.

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