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mini displayport female

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase mini displayport female here and you can save money at the same time. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. mini displayport black or mini displayport 1.8m contains many hot and popular products. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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mini displayport female Customers Reviews

  • Good solution for people that make presentation in different settings!

    posted by cesar70

    Good item for the price, specially if you compare to original products to suit Apple devices. Very simple to use, no drivers needed.If you have a DVI to VGA adapter, then you are all set, you can make presentation on any type of video port your audience may have!
    The old DisplayPort is not a must but it rounds up the product to fit almost all types of video devices, except for RCA type connectors. Although, you can also but an adapter for that.
    I bought before this one, 3 Apple adapters - albeit better in terms of functionality as I explained before, they take 2 times more space and cost almost 10 times altogether.
  • works like a charm

    posted by halsquk

    Good quality and as good as apples expensive one. No signal loss and supports 1080p. Easy to use, just plug it in.
    Great and simple adapter for macs. Ive used it with unibody macbook and external display.
    Decent adapter which does the job well. Ive been satisfied with it so buy it if you need it!
  • small and handy

    posted by GeCeD

    It is a really small item that allows you to store it anywhere wherever you go with your laptop. It simply works. The plastic looks of good quality and resistant. It fits correctly in the laptop and the other site too. For this price it is perfect.
    I have tried cable adapters and most of the time they give connectivity problems. I haven't have got any problem so far.
    If you are looking for something small that works this is your item. When you have a Macbook you need different accessories and it is much better if they are small so you can store them all in a small place.
  • dongle

    posted by floger

    great quality product. hard to even find in the local future shop or staples. but even a similar product was priced at over $50. absolutly love this dongle and allows me to watch all my favorite movies and such from my mac book right on my big screen
    great dongle/adapter. maybe offer one that has the display port to male hdmi that is longer and is able to plug right into the tv
    great dongle/adapter if this is what you want. very good quality product for sure. very happy with no regrets
  • Works perfect, just what I needed

    posted by Zymper

    CompactWorks fineEasy in useEasy connections on Macbook and on HDMI cable
    I've used it a couple times now, and it works perfectly. Image is also very good on TV. I just wonder if it will last for much longer. It looks really fragile and easy to break. But for now, this product is working perfectly.
    Very good item. It connects very easy to both my Macbook and the HDMI cable. It's actually pretty 'tight' too, so it doesn't pop out when you touch the cable.When I ordered it, I didn't think it would be any good for this low price, so I had low expectations. It really isn't bad tho, and for this price I'm more than happy.

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