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This is our best mini digital camera, they all share a great design and great prices. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. You can also browse professional digital camera and digital camera case. With your support, we can do better.
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mini digital camera Customers Reviews

  • Meets the need...

    posted by francoisZA

    It does what I expected it to do: it holds my cell phone when I want to take happy snaps.In my case it is a backup, so it is adequate.
    If you can take the colour and you want a small tripod to hold a mobile phone when taking pictures, this is useful. Anything bigger than a phone will be too heavy though.
  • Nice camera

    posted by jurreta

    * Very nice price.
    * Photo quality is what you'd expect from such a camera, not exceptional, but not that bad.
    * Also very nice quality when used as a webcam.
    * Contrary to the specs on DX and the included manual, the camera works with sd cards of more than 1Gb, as I have it working with a 2Gb Kingston card.
    * Remote control is very handy and works like a charm.
    * Battery life is 5 hours when recording video. I guess it would be shorter when taking photos with the flashlight activated.
    * The charger came with european plug, so I don't need any adapter. Anyway, it can also be charged via the usb port
    * Bundled software is quite good and not the usual no name poor quality image converter/editor
    * Almost perfect build quality.
    The light is a normal flash, not a continuos light.
    Very nice digital camera for the price. Suitable for the ones (like me) looking for a nice cheap digital videocamera. Don't expect ultra high quality :)
  • Most versatile tripod for the price

    posted by amyrtidis

    For the price, the whole construction is great. The weight of a GoPro or a mobile is supported with ease and the "tentacles" can support the weight when used in weird angles.
    For the price is just fine.
    Most versatile GoPro/mobile tripod you could get for the price. Don't expect extreme toughness.
  • Great for self pics

    posted by vmastache

    Great for self pictures!! Just twist, extend and twist in the oposite direction. Perfect for people who travel alone, parties, or any other situation when you want a self portrait. You can even screw another one in the bottom, or maybe you can attach it to a tripod and install your camera taller. Very light weight and fits in a pocket. Comes with a strap for your hand.
    A longer version will be amazing, maybe with one or two other sections. But as I said before, you can attach another one in the bottom. Not sure hoy many of this you can attach together before it bends.
    It's not the must-have accessory for the photography aficionado, but for casual pics at home or with friends it will do the job.
  • Great Little Tripod

    posted by blyefd

    Compact and light weight. Velcro can hold the tripod (when folded) to the handlebar of a bicycle. When legs are unfolded the tripod is very sturdy for a little camera.
    I got a black one. The metal ball and socket are very smooth, and will not hold even a light camera when the know is very tight. I took it apart and sanded the ball to make it rough, and now it holds.
    Its ok for the price.

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