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  • Good for any purpose

    posted by bibivallim

    Well, they are dice. I bought them to replace a couple of dices which have been lost. You need dices to play a lot of games and when you lose one, this is a perfect replacement. They are the size of a regular dice. All of them were perfect, except for too much or too little paint in the dots.I also use them for games I make myself for my students.
    Good for dices replacements, projects, DIY games, etc. They are cheap.
  • Small but very COOL

    posted by Eijin

    Very good quality, people will like these because its... different. You can buy normal dice in general store but a super small dice... worth the money spend. Good to give to your friends, good to use in card games as markers.
    I think this is a good buy in DX. Almost same number of different color dice for me.
    Different dice.
  • Nice and fun

    posted by DanteLeBeau

    Price is not really big for 100 dices. Theese are nice and colourful. May be very useful for games, where you use alot of dices.
    I bought them not for the game actualy, but for some decorations, and they did the job well. :) But if you will use them in some games, make shure to use them in some box, or something like that.
    Buy it if yo need some fun presents for someone, who loves board games. )
  • good one

    posted by surpriserom

    usable for table game when you need a lot of dicenot that smalleasy to read the number, even the dice which are not well paint because each number are also made of small holetheir made of quite solid plastic, make them fall many time on the ground and they aren't marked
    In my country I can't even buy 5 dice at that priceso it's good for me
    if you need dice buy it, with 50 dice even if you loose some of them it doesn't really matter
  • A small bag of tiny dice, in bright colors

    posted by LagniManiac

    They're TINY!! - 5mm dice - that's small.Built well - All of mine are nice even squares, with the dots etched in nicely, slightly rounded corners.They're colourful - my 50 came in a nice assortment of colours, just like in the photos.
    I have absolutely no intention of using these for gaming - I will probably give away or sell some, and buy more, in this size, or the 6, or 8 mm varieties, or the 100 packs of unspecified size.I might fill up the small translucent bear coin bank I have (also from DX), or use a bunch of these to make some "dot art".Just like in the picture, the dots on the light green dice are red, instead of black. I guess maybe someone pressed the wrong button for a batch of light grren dice at the factory? whatever the reason, it's cool.
    Tiny dice for a not so tiny price, but still worth it, IMHO.


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