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  • well

    posted by Lynch

    Very nice dices, the design is good, every dot is a small hole in the dice, which makes it look good.
    I expected them to be a lot bigger they're really tiny, but they look good, nice to have some. Give one to all your friends...
    nice to have some
  • Well, these are dice.

    posted by Liibra

    -Very high cuteness level.-Very decorative in a little glass jar.-Good quality built, I didn't see any trace from the mold. They are smoooooth!-You can use them as dice or make bracelets, earrings or necklaces with them.-Several colors.
    I bought one pack and gave one half to my sister as a present. She blue-tacked it on her wall, forming a shooting star. It looks nice.Personnally, I took a little phial and put three in them so I can carry them. I use them for role-play books.Well, it could be a little cheaper, but it's fine, really.
    They are dice and work nicely. No visible irregularities or something.
  • Lot of colorful dice

    posted by HunNuke

    Lot of dice, colorful, small. Good for roleplaying (mainly if you have to roll 5,10 or more dices).Good for any other board games, if you lost the original dices, you can substitute them.Cheap!You can make jewels from the dices.
    50 dice. Until you not own them, you do not know how does it feel. We use it for roleplaying as dice, and for marker if there are lots of objects on the battlefield (monsters, players, obstacles).One of my friends asked for some dices, to make earrings. But of course, you can make other jewels to.
    Really worth it! Buy it! Use it!
  • Good for any purpose

    posted by bibivallim

    Well, they are dice. I bought them to replace a couple of dices which have been lost. You need dices to play a lot of games and when you lose one, this is a perfect replacement. They are the size of a regular dice. All of them were perfect, except for too much or too little paint in the dots.I also use them for games I make myself for my students.
    Good for dices replacements, projects, DIY games, etc. They are cheap.

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