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  • Small, works fine, CHEAP

    posted by jassius

    This is a really small module than can fit about anywhere. Plays MP3, has radio and all of it works, so it is an excelent buy for what it costs.Remote control that lets you access some more functions (Equalizer...)Keeps memory of last song, volume...Volume is quite good when connecting it to an external amplifier, so volume can be preset to leave it leveled to other sources connected to that amplifier.
    Only fits micro SD cards. A price to pay for such small hardware. Not really a con
    Nice. I had an old cassette type car stereo. Since I no longer use those, I trimmer the board and fitted it into the opening with the audio hardwired to the external input.
  • Wan N - A very important use when required.

    posted by irwannasit

    Here are the plus point of this item.1) Backlit keyboard.2) Full keyboard functionality.3) Vertical or Horizontal use of mouse pad.4) Laser pointer.5) IR 2 set for remote control matching.6) Lithium Ion battery. 4BL (nokia sized similar)7) FN functions similar to laptop keyboard.8) Good with Android, Linux and Windows OS. Especially smart TVs. 9) Touch pad similar to laptop functionality.10) Plug and play keyboard for ease of use across most platforms.
    Useful for Educators, Trainers, Teachers, Presentation givers.
    A must for me. Would be useful for you. Wan N verified.
  • 't works

    posted by intercitty

    Awesomely cheap, especially since it includes shipping. Also comes with a battery. Very easy to use. And especially fun in sports bars, to change channels on Tv's :D Very stealth, but you have to be cautious of your body language because for some reason it is very obvious what you are doing .
    Great product, but needs to be updated to work on the newest Tv's
  • Very, very, very fast!

    posted by PhantomOfTheOpe

    - Very fast! I really mean it!- Good torque, if you get stuck somewhere just change gear ratio on the remote and you can easily get unstuck- Can handle jumps well- Rechargable via usb
    It is faster than my other cars which I paid 2x more. if you use it in a smooth surface then get up to speed slowly to avoid skidding.also try this trick: get up to speed then suddenly revert direction and steer, in a smooth surface you can get a very cool 180° turn in a split second :)
    Lot of fun for a good price, you can perform jumps and tricks, be sure to build the circle strip (if you don't have it in the package), with it you can perform some air tricks!
  • Fun toy

    posted by solidmage

    Its very tiny.Easy to take with key chain.Works all tv:s i tested it to. Comes with litium battery. Extreme cheap so get it while you can.
    take this you will love this toy.
    this Mini Multifunctional Remote Controller is for fun or serious use if you lost your original tv remote you can use this to replace it. Has basic controls. Volume, channel, power button. Go to sports bar and mess TV right before something is happening like penalty kick :)


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