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  • You need this, folks!

    posted by Eeek5127

    Here is my pros haiku. This is how I am doing my reviews:Oh, little remoteOn my keys I take you outOff goes that TV.

    Great build, battery included, easy programming, what more could you want? My led on it is very good. It is pretty bright and I'll use it to find the keyhole in my door. Plus, I want to screw with people. Why else get this?
    I have ordered from dx many times. This item is what brought me here. Some guys on a forum talked about where to get one and it took me here. I never thought about getting it, and now that I have, I am very happy.
    This is great stuff, guys. You can't beat the price and it is very usful. Remember, it only controls the tv- not a cable box or a vcr. If you can live with that- get it. Get it! Thanks, Deal Extreme!
  • Works sweet

    posted by tracyching

    Super easy to get up and running. Connected this to LED dome light 12v 8.9w panel. Works nice in aquarium hood. RF signal range works across the room - very nice and convenient.
    May not work with all 330mA drivers. It didn't work with SKU 47060 current source. LED Light flickered at 50% with 7w COB LED 22volts. SKU 47060 driver has design flaw.
    Great but expensive.
  • just awesome

    posted by GustavoLiborio

    It is a very discreet equipment, has a high quality picture, the remote control makes it possible to literally turn a monitor on TV
    I planned on buying this device three months ago for see some games world cup in my work. For a while I figured it could not be satisfied mainly by the quality of the image, but after the first use I saw was completely wrong, because the image is fantastic and I'm feeling the excitement of the World Cup through this device.
    I'm sure that other consumers will also say that it is worth buying, after an analysis of the cost vs. benefits. Recommended!
  • 't works

    posted by intercitty

    Awesomely cheap, especially since it includes shipping. Also comes with a battery. Very easy to use. And especially fun in sports bars, to change channels on Tv's :D Very stealth, but you have to be cautious of your body language because for some reason it is very obvious what you are doing .
    Great product, but needs to be updated to work on the newest Tv's
  • Beutiful, small and practical sewing machine

    posted by Morvan

    I did buy one for me, more then a year, and another one, now, for a relative.It is simply useful, converse and easy to keep machine.I made some stitches on my own clothes, do not having the need to pay to somebody to make this and having th convenience to make these repairs anytime, no needing to wait to repairs magazine turning open.Very portable, you get a place in your house to keep it safe.Pedal is a must. Very easy to stitch with this embedded. You can maintain both hands keep fabric in position while engages machine with pedal.
    Beautiful and compact, it is the right measure to make small patches in your clothes.
    Excellent product. Buy one for you and get free of to wait for somebody to repair your clothes.

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