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mini cigarette Customers Reviews

  • cheap

    posted by tomvanhaute

    it is cheap and it works.
    Delivery delay for Belgium was 4-5 weeks.
    It is quite small, easy to use, cheap and it works. For that price, around 25% of the price you pay in a normal shop here in Belgium, you can't expect a lot.
  • Cute small useful charger

    posted by kac1983

    Very nice adapter, it has compact dimensions so it fits perfectley in the plug, without any part that comes out. It allows also to eventually close the cover if your car has one on the cigarette lighter plug. It has also a green led that allows you to know if it is still on. 1 Ampere is perfect to charge also the newest smartphones (that requires 1 Ampere of current) without any problems. for this price is almost given away.
    I'd buy one just in case you have low battery and need your phone on the road.
    Cute small useful charger
  • Nice item for a car

    posted by vvp100

    Made quite well, didn't look cheap. Light is bright - can be used both for reading maps or to replace tires. Also good for trunk- as far as I have 12V socket in the trunk- keep flashlight there- plugged in the socket.
    Have one undocumented feature- during charging time its light with red light (you can choose -eithr white or red light or no light at all)/
    It's easy to control- when charging ON. Also can be used as a "night light" for cockpit. My flashlight when not in a trunk- at night - used as red light the dash board socket
    It's a beet tricky, but my Korea-built ' car have three 12V DC sockets- two of them feet for this light, one not /
  • Great torch for car very bright

    posted by cranny

    Cheap, solid build, steel construction. very bright light for a small torch, very useful as easy to find in cigarette lighter if in emergency in dark. Charges itself when driving the car so no problem with batteries going flat.
    Great value, very useful you need one
    Good price and works fine I would recommend you buy one for your car.

    posted by femmeskye

    - the light beam does extend some 3feet - exceptional for such a little device- the charging time is quite quick and it has not so far, over-charged the battery in the unit- it is also discreet and unobtrusive in the car and it's little red charging light tells me its powering up- it's sold and not cheap plastic - very well made
    I plugged this litte lighter into my reserve socket in the trunk never thinking it would one day help me out in an emergency. What a brilliant thing it is. I was stuck in the dark with a flat and used this tiny mighty flashlight to change the tire and get myself out of a dark stranded spot in the country. You can bet I was thankful that night for this site.
    This is a superior product compared to others they have on this same site. I ordered 2 different socket flashlights to see which is brighter - this one definitely wins hands down - and comes nicely packaged. You would have to be crazy to pass up a deal like this!

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