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mini car cigarette powered

If you want to purchase mini car cigarette powered, this is your best place to buy it. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. car adapter powered cigarette mini or car cigarette power usb contains many hot and popular products. With your support, we can do better.
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mini car cigarette powered Customers Reviews

  • Cute small useful charger

    posted by kac1983

    Very nice adapter, it has compact dimensions so it fits perfectley in the plug, without any part that comes out. It allows also to eventually close the cover if your car has one on the cigarette lighter plug. It has also a green led that allows you to know if it is still on. 1 Ampere is perfect to charge also the newest smartphones (that requires 1 Ampere of current) without any problems. for this price is almost given away.
    I'd buy one just in case you have low battery and need your phone on the road.
    Cute small useful charger
  • cheap

    posted by tomvanhaute

    it is cheap and it works.
    Delivery delay for Belgium was 4-5 weeks.
    It is quite small, easy to use, cheap and it works. For that price, around 25% of the price you pay in a normal shop here in Belgium, you can't expect a lot.
  • the good ionizer at the good price

    posted by vlad001

    it is convenient to use, quality good, it is applicable in the car and at home (together with Power Adapter SCU 15646). I use houses
    when the ionizer heats up possibly the increased amount of ozone, as I understand ozone poisonous gas in big concentration is allocated
    I think: the device sensible, for the small price, but it is necessary to use correctly - no more than 10 minutes, the appearing specific smell speaks that ozone becomes much - it is time to switch off
  • Good multi outlet 12V USB Plug

    posted by rockman64

    This is a small unit that allows more than the standard 0.5Amps to the cable. Which means that you can charge an iPad or other USB devices that need more than 0.5A
    I bought a few of these - fitting them to all my normal 12V outlets.
    Great little device to enable charging of more power hungry devices through a USB outlet
  • Little small

    posted by gabol

    Cheap, compact, useful, fun. Just click and aim. Useful for change a tire, fix a engine problem under hood, put a bait in the fishhook, illuminate a happy meal or play robber vs cops pursuit.
    Have a police like light on one of those functions. The back buttone blink in red and blue.
    The wire is rolled inside the plastic case and the lens spins as we pull the cord. Look like not too much durable. Get tired of roll up again. :(

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