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It's very convenient for you to find the mini camera tf you want at our online shop. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. You can also browse mini waterproof camera, mini cmos camera. We hope that dx.com can be your prefered online retailer.
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mini camera tf Customers Reviews

  • Very Good Camera

    posted by Mike1973

    Easy to use. Very good quality. Excellent relation between price and quality.Can take photos and record like they said.
    I have proved it in my motorcycle and he behaved very well. It records very well the sound. It eliminates the vibrations of movement of the vehicle.For the price of this chamber, it might buy 5 of these without having to buy a go-pro. I believe that it is a very good alternative to other chambers of a high cost and of similar presentations.
    Great for outdoor sports, such as motocycling.
  • Nice camera

    posted by fredzanotelli

    Really small and slim. Almost a spy camera. You can put it in a corner of the room that nobody notices.
    I use on my tactical vest. If you want something more "professional" consider Go Pro camera.
    Nice camera for people who want useful and cheap stuffs.
  • LCD Cmos camera mini

    posted by niktes

    The camera is quite small, fits well in the hand. The microphone is located on the upper side. Citlivost is sufficient for normal call volume. The power supply is built-in LiIon battery. It has two modes, video and photos. Selected via the switch. Edge is the headphone, playing both. At the same time it should be an output connector for video, but I do not know how involved, maybe I do not have the correct cable, or can not PAL system. The image is of adequate quality for the size and price of the camera.
    For normal use is sufficient.
    Good price, allows recorded video directly visible on the screen. I can quite recommend it camera..
  • Great value for money

    posted by moonie2233

    Great value for money - i saw one at another shop for $200!
    Does everything as promised. Good quality @ 720 x 480
    Easy to use on computer - i have windows 7 and it worked instantly without driver cd
    i love the fact that it worked instantly out of the box (with micro sd card)
    framerate in low light is not so good but thats not bad at this price because it still works in low light, just not as well
    Nothing can beat this for value. Its great fun for the price. The quality of the product is pretty good and the uses are endless.
  • Good value for the money

    posted by ethgkk

    Good picture quality and video quality if the light is average or above. The wide angle lens provides a good picture with some barrel distortion at the edge.
    For some sports you have to buy an additional kit for having more mounting options.
    DX could consider to sell it in customized packages, because if you buy an additional package for other mounting options, it will contain parts, which you will never use.

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