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mini cable Customers Reviews

  • Excellent product with great value for money

    posted by abermudez

    This HDMI cable is long enough with one meter and a half (1.5 m) and its connectors are good. It support 1.4 version of HDMI and it looks very well.
    I have been testing the cable with different resolutions and it works very well with all of them. I tried to use a resolution of 1920x1080 (High Definition) and it support it as well as the lower ones.
    Very good quality/price ratio. The cable looks very well and it works in a better way with a lot of resolutions and an excellent quality for the image.
  • very small USB mouse

    posted by partypierce

    awesomeally small, purchased because my 3 yr old was struggling with an adult size mouse,
    would be an awesome kids mouse if it had a more solid cable, non retractable and if it they were available in funky kids colours like hot pink
    not suitable for myself as it's way too small but perfect for the kids, which was the whole reason why i brought it
  • Quite good

    posted by LogicDaemon

    low resistance (my external HDD works) and BER (about 35-40 MB/s transfer rate), good looks (subjectively)
    This is first 1.5M cable with which my HDD works fast (40MB/s achieved) and stably (without regularly parking heads because of power deficiency).
    very good one.My external HDD is very cranky about cable it's connected to USB. It works with few non-Y cables without additional power supply and slows down to 5-10MB/s with most except shortest ones. It don't even likes connectors of front panels of most ATX cases because of bad wires from panel to MB. But it works flawlessly with this cable.
  • Great Price and quality cable

    posted by chadross

    My new Lenovo X1 Carbon has a mini display port, so this cable was perfect for keeping in my laptop bag to connect to various monitors, tv's and projectors we have in our company.
    I'm probably going to order a couple more of these to keep attached to some of my display devices.
    Great price and exactly what I needed! Beats carrying around multiple display port adapters and extra cables. Most quality display devices today have a HDMI port for input, which makes this a "no brainer"
  • Great!

    posted by Floydian

    It's a great cable for a great price!
    Built quality is good enough for me.
    Worked perfectly connecting my nvidia gtx460 on my TV.
    Full compatible with FullHD resolution.
    I can't believe I spent only 7 bucks for such a great cable!
    Now I'm able to play my games on my 42' [email protected], and have a good time sitting on my couch.
    It costs only half of what I would have to pay here..the only problem was that it took to long to arrive, but that's mostly fault of the local post office of my country.
    If you need a cable with mini-hdmi conector..buy it, you won't regret it!

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