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mini breadboard Customers Reviews

  • Pretty and small. Awsome!

    posted by PabloGim

    -Cheap-Very small (170p)-Nice looking-Seems to be a strong plastic piece
    It is my first mini breadboard and I'm sure that I'll buy more like this one.
    Very satisfied with the breadboard. If you are looking for a small one to use inside a box, that's what you need. For example, I'm using it with a Raspberry Pi and this breadboard is so small that I can use it inside my raspi's box.
  • Good product

    posted by bitechular

    Fits Arduino Uno perfect, nice amount of cables in different colors and sizes. Everything seems to work, no problems.
    I think this a great addition to your first Arduino, all the cables will give you plenty of room for the next few projects.
    Great shield for testing and protoyping and packed with enough cables for a bunch of projects.
  • Good product at an excellent price

    posted by wbrouwer

    No damage in transit. This breadboard is great for build small prototypes. The spacing of the holes is standard there can plug in directly many of the parts and sensor modules for the Arduino kit world. Product received in none damaged condition. Good work dx.com and postal delivery system.
    Good board for small electronic products like Arduino and others.
    Recommend as a good buy at a good price to others.
  • Just like your average proto shield, but cooler.

    posted by kunakos

    It's BLACK. Other than this it's your standard prototype shield, which is all good. Reset button, 1 extra button, 2 LEDs, SOIC 14 and DIP 20 ICs are easy to solder on.
    Pins could be longer, it would be nice if one could stack another shield on this. The included breaboard is of good quality.
    It's black, it looks cool. Just a tiny bit more expensive than the regular blue version. The only thing better would be a yellow or purple version of the same board.
  • very handy breadboards for the Arduino

    posted by poiujk

    you can place this breadboard in between the two rows of Arduino connectors. of course it will slide around, but it's handy enough for hooking up simple circuits to the Arduino without taking up too much space.
    actually, i received item SKU 118834 instead, but i am not complaining.http://www.dx.com/p/170-points-mini-breadboard-white-118834the breadboards are end-stackable, so you can combine a few of these to form a larger breadboard. it's stackable in both directions.the breadboards have 2 holes in the centre - useful for mounting. for pictures, see the other item.
    very handy breadboards for hooking up simple circuits, and it can fit in/on the Arduino.

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