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  • cheap Powerfull amp! definate buy

    posted by fdpree

    Cheap amplifier. Small in size Big in sound. Deep bass. Very efficient due to the tripath design. Works with 4ohm and 8 ohm speakers. plug and play
    You can "mod" this amp by adding to resistors (google: "ta2024 mod"). If you dont do this the amp wil be way less loud if you use cellphones or ipod's and other small audio devices.
    If you need a amp buy this one. Works great with my Bowers & Wilkers v204. Also great for diy
  • Really Handy

    posted by dougrenaux

    Converts to most JTAG connector formats. Can be plugged directly to the JTAG adapter and then with a flat cable to the development board.
    Could have a short explanation on the jumpers instead of letting the user figure out by himself.
    If you use JTAG this is a must have. The ARM 20 pin connector is being replaced by smaller connectors in the evaluation boards. This is the way to do this conversion.
  • Quite nice kit for people interested ARM-development!

    posted by ornotermes

    CD included with examples, schematics and software. Useful display. Works quite well to develop with on Linux. Display board have SD socket. USB cable included. Works well with open source tools.
    I haven't looked at the built in firmware upload solution. I just bought a JTAG-adapter (sku: 149039).
    With an external programmer/debugger and open source tools it works really well with Linux. I use the open source "Summon arm toolchain" and a JTAG-adapter. Together they let me do rather advanced debugging.
  • Good product for a Good Price

    posted by Gekkie

    Normally you would use a MAX232 chip to convert RS232 to TTL. With the coming of low power chips (3.3V) This became a problem and you either had to involve a 5 volt power supply or use a buck booster. The MAX 3232 chip is the same as the MAX232 but now in low power so it will be happy with 3.3 volts.Chip has it's own little PCB to make soldering easier and includes all the CAPS needed to make it work
    the MAX3232 chip here in europe is about $10 a pop so this is really a bargin. I am baffeled why the designers choose T2&R2 instead of the normal T1&R1.
    Good PCB with a great chip
  • Awesome little amp board for DIY

    posted by cooliosanchez

    Comes with cables!Chip does not heat upSuch a good price!Runs off lithium cells or USB voltages (3.6-5.5V input)Very smallLots of gainSounds good
    Throw a volume pot onto your input lines for volume adjustment (reduction only). Gain seems appropriate for just using mp3 player's built in volume control, though.I really liked that it came with cables, and they were easy to de-solder from the board as well.
    If you need a small amp for little speakers, this one is awesome. A great DIY part!

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