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  • Good product

    posted by lucaspcamargo

    This product is relatively cheap, works great, and is adorable. Perfect for those small projects centered around a single chip. Also has a nice glue pad in the bottom side. Quality is very good.
    Well, there isn't much els to say. It's just what it says on the description, and it works good. I don't know how fast will it oxidate, but i hope it's not soon. It looking like it's going to last for a while.
    If you are interested in this product, it's good, buy it. Other colors are available in DX as well, take a look at those.
  • Fits Arduino Nano!

    posted by rborges100

    The size fits Arduino Nano, its good to work with Arduino Nano without removing it from the breadboard, as an auxiliary mini breadboard. This avoid damage to the Arduino pins. Comes with adhesive to fix at a surface.
    I don't have more to tell about this product, min of 500 characters of DX reviews should be decreased. I don't have more to tell about this product, min of 500 characters of DX reviews should be decreased.
    If you use Arduino Nano, you should buy!
  • Good product for a Good Price

    posted by Gekkie

    Normally you would use a MAX232 chip to convert RS232 to TTL. With the coming of low power chips (3.3V) This became a problem and you either had to involve a 5 volt power supply or use a buck booster. The MAX 3232 chip is the same as the MAX232 but now in low power so it will be happy with 3.3 volts.Chip has it's own little PCB to make soldering easier and includes all the CAPS needed to make it work
    the MAX3232 chip here in europe is about $10 a pop so this is really a bargin. I am baffeled why the designers choose T2&R2 instead of the normal T1&R1.
    Good PCB with a great chip
  • 5V pro mini

    posted by insane2k

    - cheap- comes without headers attached as pictured- works with ERW 1.0.3- compatiable with SKU: 142041 FTDI- easy to use- All pins labelled CORRECTLY!! hooray!
    has A6 and A7, hard to use on a breadboard due to offset and inset.can power directly with regulated 5v via the VCC on the FTDI header. powering the unit with 5V onto the RAW (through the regulator) results in 4.88V on the VCC pin. this gave me issues with a voltage divider calculations.
    i supplied my unit with 9V on the RAW and GND, and i measured 4.95V on the VCC pin, which suggests this unit is a 5V variant.
  • Arduino nano sized.

    posted by Redsnertz

    These boards are an excellent size for an Arduino Nano. I don't have an Arduino Pro yet but that would also fit well, I'm sure. Given the width of the Nano you have 5 pins available after plugging it in; 1 on one side and 4 on the other, or 2 on one side and 3 on the other. I'm putting a pair of HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors on one and mounting it on the roof of an RC truck as side sensors, and the Nano will be on another inside the body; together with the front HC-SR04, I should be able to get it navigating pretty well, and the breadboards are small enough I don't have to do body mods.
    What would fit even better than a Pro or Nano is to make it into a Boarduino. These are a perfect size for that.
    Buy 'em; they're like potato chips, you can always use more.


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