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  • It's less than 3 dollers man

    posted by evafan

    Installs flawlessly working in minutes. And inseconds once installed.Good reception I could get 40 ft away before reception cut outYou can leave it in the laptop as it does not stick out much.The rounded shape keeps it from getting caught on stuff.Looks coolCheap
    This is a no brainer if you need bluetooth on your laptop this will do it. Being able to leave the adaptor in while transporting your laptop around is a real plus. Not as easy to loose this way.
    As I said before this is less than 3 bucks and it works. Sure thre may be etter ones available but do you realy need abetter one this will likely do what you want.
  • Works very well

    posted by RahzaDream

    -very small, fits behind your TV without issue!-Runs Android 4.2.2-Functions like an Android Tablet connected to your TV-Advertised specs are correct
    Great little unit to make your "dumb" TV a SMART TV! Check your email, browse the web, play games, watch movies!Shows a "R-BOX" when booting up
    Works as advertised. Unit is NOT rooted. I have not done this yet but I plan on it in the future.
  • Packs a punch for such a small speaker

    posted by 1dxuser

    * Very portable (3" diameter, 1.8" height)* Good bass and loud for such a small speaker* Bluetooth, Line in, MicroSD card input* Good build quality* Microphone/Handsfree support
    I was searching through all the speaker offerings from DX that are portable, had Bluetooth, MicroSD abilities and settled on this. What caught my attention was one of the spec details. It said 2.1 channel, which should mean that it is stereo and has a "sub-woofer". I've had another portable speaker that was usb and had true 2.1 and I really liked the sound from it (you could feel the bass) so I thought I would take a chance with this one since it wasn't too pricey.I think this is not stereo as it looks like it only has one speaker but the main speaker thumps hard enough for such a small speaker. Or maybe there are two other small speakers hidden inside? The main speaker is sub-like because it is able to get the low frequencies such that you could feel the bass.I tried on 2 Smartphones (Galaxy S2 & S3) and both work fine.It doesn't seem to have full functionality on the BB Playbook as I am not able to control the volume with it (though this may be a Playbook issu
    Good price, portable, good sound, many input options = Good buy.* Only time will tell if this lasts long (electronics, battery, battery life, etc…)* It says SD card up to 8 GB supported but I am using a 16 GB. Not sure if the spec is wrong or if it can access the full 16 GBs or not.* I’d be interested to see what others have to say about this speaker
  • Sounds good, auto-reconnects

    posted by zlp00

    I've been looking for a bluetooth A2DP transmitter for an audio project. My goals were:1) Must be powered by external supply ... or work properly while charging internal battery.2) Once paired with a receiver, must attempt to reconnect if receiver goes out of range or power is interrupted. This transmitter satisfies those requirements.
    It will charge via USB even if the sliding power switch is turned off.This transmitter will pair with receivers that require the standard passphrase "0000" (and maybe "1234" too, not sure.) So you can make an audio link between this transmitter and simple receivers like SKUs 120198 or 147082 by just placing them near eachother and turning them on.
  • Cheap fun small keyboard

    posted by geeli80

    This keyboard is small enough even for jeans pocket and the design is pretty nice. Connect well with my iphone and mac book without any issue. a fun toy to have in a good price. comes with a pouch for bringing it outside too
    It will really be a nice remote if the cover be made into a mouse touch pad and also change the design of the lid to make typing easlier
    this is a cool and fun toy which might be worth getting if you are using it for their stated usage


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