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Purchase the latest mini bluetooth keyboard with wonderful pricing At DX we strive to provide the best service possible for our customers, with a prompt and helpful response. ipad bluetooth keyboard, bluetooth keyboard case may be more suitable for you. Enjoy all these products that we have prepared for you.
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mini bluetooth keyboard Customers Reviews

  • Wooooooooow

    posted by thwangy

    Everything is better than expectedKeyboard is magnetically attached to case for flawless convertibility!The leather is gorgeous, keyboard itself is perfect tactile plastic for quite and accurate typing!Case design is a dream!! Bluetooth connectivity seems to have no bugs!
    Best deal extreme purchase I've ever made!
    No other case quite offers the protection, quality, and ergonomic usefulness! The research and development and thoughtfulness is apple-Esque! Charges quickly and maintains a charge forever seemingly!
  • Little to light but it works great

    posted by jaslb

    It´s very easy to carry in case you want to take it with you on your trips.It doesn´t need any batteries because it has it integrated. You can charge with your ps3 or a computer.It works perfectly when using it in a big livingroom from the sofa.
    Great deal for a good price. Easy to use and very functional.
    Great item for a great price. It worked plug and play with my ps3. I connected it with the cable that came with it and ready to go.
  • Keyboard for Archos 101it

    posted by cyriusbe

    - Keyboard, real one, not that virtual boring one
    - Laser, let's say it's a toy for the cat ;-)
    - Mini mouse pad, mouse button
    - Lighting in the dark
    - Can be on the sofa, the archos locked on tv, driving it easy
    - work on android 2.3 and seven
    - scroll pad !!
    - working volume control
    Price and usage of such a product is for me a limit to buy it from DX. I accept some flaws on it because of lower price, i would have it returned if more expensive on another company, mainly because of the keys hard to get sometimes, but i cannot compare to another BT kbd so it might be the archos.Part of this review was written using it under win 7, same keys got to be pushed harder ('n' f.i.) to get out, but reaction was faster.
    "using it to type ow without makig correction. i think it ees to be used to makee the problematic keys workig better." Switching back to normal kbd: yep, 'n' need to be pushed harder ;-), 'e' is coming out easy.
  • Ultimate mini BT keyboard - mouse combo

    posted by BKH1392

    + Keyboard, mouse, media controller, and laser pointer all in one solution.+ Genuine Rii-tek product.+ There is a scratch coating genuinty sticker on the package.+ No driver needed for android or windows pc.+ Excellent backlight.+ Very good trackpad sensivity.+ Operating range is as good as it should be. Provided if no obstacles between the host and the device.+ Very useful led indicators. There are four leds on the upper left corner. From top the down, first led blinks with the response of the host. So you know if the keyboard signal is received. Second led is charging indicator. It turns on when you plug the usb cable and turns off when the charge is completed. Third led blinks when connecting to a device and stays lit when connected. Last led is caps lock led.+ Media keys controls android phones internal mp3 player.+ You can tap on the trackpad to click.
    Tried it with two different android phones. One device with android 2.3.7 the other one is 4.1.2. Bluetooth pairing is super easy. With the newer phone, it asked me to enter a simple code on the keybord and press enter. On the older 2.3.7, you have to enter 1234 on the keyboard and press enter to pair. Once you have paired your keybord there is no need to do it again. After the pairing, a mouse arrow appears on your android phone's screen. You can use the phone like a PC.
    My first order from DX. Order processing and shipment speed amazed me. I felt sorry for the local internet sellers as most of them do not ship before 3 days! DX is fast and DX knows how to do it.If you need something like this, don't miss it.
  • Fits the Bill

    posted by donicaben

    Works with AndroidEasy to connectEasy to useLightweightRight size to go along with my 10 inch tablet
    I ordered this to use with my Acer Iconia tablet. When it got here the instructions were only to connect to a Windows machine or Mac. It still connected (it's BT). I quickly realized that I should have gotten one with a trackball to use with my tablet since I still need to touch the screen to maneuver around. Lesson learned. I just bought it separately, but could have saved some cash buying one that included it.
    It's a good deal.


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