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Every single mini bluetooth adapter displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. We hope every customer enjoys their shopping experience at DX.com. DX is the world leader in electronic gadgets.

mini bluetooth adapter Customers Reviews

  • Very usefull bluetooth USB!

    posted by Yacob100

    A really great product that you can use for a lot of stuff. You get the CD with it too, which has a software on it, which is really easy to use. I'm using this thing now for a while and a good part is that the range of this bluetooth is awesome!
    Only thing that I might complain about is that transfaring a file on somekind of bluetooth device is hard if the file is big, because it's actually really slow. But that's it :)
    Another amazing product from DX, which you must buy! This thing is really usefull for some people who want to have some wireless capability on their computer.
  • Cheap and great Bluetooth dongle.

    posted by prvv1234

    *Very small Bluetooth dongle. You can lose it easily - so keep it in a box or something.
    *The range of this is great - no problems with that.
    *It worked with all phones and devices i tried with it.
    *The price is great - in stores this cost over 10$ ( in my country ).
    *The shipping was pretty fast.
    *Good packaging .
    * Comes with a software cd - i don't really use it, but you can if you want to.
    You should buy it - a very small Bluetooth dongle.
    The range is good and the price is low.
  • Looses connections after prolonged use

    posted by aeyoun

    Does not take up much space. Well suitable for portable computers as it does not stick out on the side more than a few millimeters.
    No problems when used with a unpowered USB hub.
    Okay for use with simple wireless mouse an keyboard setup, but should not be relied upon for use with voice or streaming data.
  • good gadget, work with windows

    posted by schayg

    Lightweight, works with windows well. Easy to set up, and operate. The bluetooth has a reasonable range of operation.
    A dedicated smartphone software could pump up the usability and fun.Windows mobile does not work with the CD, nor does iPhone 4.Android can be made working, but not all functions will work.
    good buy, also as a gadget to see the mesured values while driving.
  • Efficient and cheap

    posted by jdbrites

    Great material qualityworks perfectlysmall. i never remove it from my laptop.Very easy to use, as almost every product of the category.
    no much. if you're looking for one you kinda know what to expect, this is good if you lost the Bluetooth dongle of your mouse or headphone, is very intuitive and easy to use.
    Is a good product. i highly recomend.

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