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  • the phone has a good product but have´s problems

    posted by Marcosf2

    It is resistant to shocks and falls. It has a very easy handling. It is very cheap and has dual sim. It is a good color and good material. Works with micro-sd 16 gb card and has radio. It is best to work in any country because it is quadband. It is a great phone
    good price, go a little wrong, fast shipping, phone breaking easily. In short: IS CHINESE
    The phone works for the price paid, you can not ask more for a phone under 100 dollars. for people who only use it to send messages, call, go online or watch a social network, it's okay. Now if you want to install apps, this phone is not for you
  • car purifier

    posted by DNAdevil

    The products come in a very well pack package. everything looks good. very simple to use it. just open and plug in into the cigrrette power socket in the car. the led light is not strong which is a good thing as during night driving no bright light will distract you.
    just hope and pray hard that it work......and help with the air inside the car
    just hope and pray hard that it work......just hope and pray hard that it work......and help with the air inside the car

    posted by Lucasgr

    Got this phone as a gift for my mother and got to use it before I gave it to her: Beautiful cell, nice screen (very responsive), ultra thin and, for the price you pay, it's simply amazing!
    58 dollars for a cell as complete as this one? Excellent!
    If you want a cheap yet good phone with the specs this on's got, go for it: it's worth the price!
  • qualidade do produto

    posted by fnSeT

    High quality product with very good price. Easy to do the replacement and it works perfectly. Flexible and resilient material. product of low cost and high quality
    I really liked the product, I had no difficulty in making the switch and was soon flying again. To considering buying more and leave saved this way should it break again just to make the switch without waiting arrive.
    Recommend and certainly will not regret.
  • Just plug and believe !

    posted by hwclermont

    Easy to use. Just plug in the place of your cigarette lighter and it should be working.
    This is the kind of thing that you don´t have ways to know if it is working. How could you be sure about the improvement of your air quality ????Thats why you buy, plug and just believe it is doing its work !
    Considering the cost and no cons, why not to buy ????

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