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You will be surprised our best mini android 4.0 with an artful design and an amazing price. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. We recommend game android 4.0, android 4.0 tv as hot products. DX provides the best online shopping service for you.
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mini android 4.0 Customers Reviews

  • Great box but needs some modifications

    posted by snowphun

    Probably the best box on dx right now. The box is more than enough to run as a mediacenter. Its small design makes it easy to place. And the ethernet cable makes it superfast transfering files or film from your nas disk.
    Out of the box this device shows you only about 10% of what it can do. You need to set it up with everything you want. This takes time, and can be frustrating, but when you get it working you will have a mediacenter tailormade for your demand...
    Fantastic device when set up, but to do this you need to tinker around with it...
  • Best price

    posted by Sookiesk

    Very fast, it has everything i needed (camera, radio, music player, gps...) works very well. I like the size, perfect for talking and writing. Voice recognition and recorder are awesome. It has all th advantages of Android 4.2.2, lots of apps, very easy to use, accept almost every app.
    The mushroom wallpaper is a good extra, everyone liked it.
    It is exactly what I expected.
  • Better Android devices out there

    posted by Jakester519

    Small form factor and quite a nice shape. Plenty of venting in the casing to help keep it cool during operations.All cables supplied.Good HDMI picture output upto 1080p.
    The non installation and inability to use the PLAY STORE is a major failing.Having to use other marketplace stores after installing them yourself is also a problem.There are much better Android devices out there than this one.Do yourself a favour and look at something else, especially the Jeserun Xplus devices.
    Look at other devices first, this is not the best model available to showcase the Android TV systems.

    posted by Lucasgr

    Got this phone as a gift for my mother and got to use it before I gave it to her: Beautiful cell, nice screen (very responsive), ultra thin and, for the price you pay, it's simply amazing!
    58 dollars for a cell as complete as this one? Excellent!
    If you want a cheap yet good phone with the specs this on's got, go for it: it's worth the price!
  • the phone has a good product but have´s problems

    posted by Marcosf2

    It is resistant to shocks and falls. It has a very easy handling. It is very cheap and has dual sim. It is a good color and good material. Works with micro-sd 16 gb card and has radio. It is best to work in any country because it is quadband. It is a great phone
    good price, go a little wrong, fast shipping, phone breaking easily. In short: IS CHINESE
    The phone works for the price paid, you can not ask more for a phone under 100 dollars. for people who only use it to send messages, call, go online or watch a social network, it's okay. Now if you want to install apps, this phone is not for you

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