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mini air mouse Customers Reviews

  • Simply Awesome

    posted by DrHoffman

    -Plug and play-Stream it all to the TV for FREE-Picture quality is excellent -The remote still baffles me as to how it works!-Its as simple as point and shoot
    -ecosystem tech - loving it, in the same league as apple tv but as with android, it has a lot more flexibility. -BEWARE - always go for the dual core models, the single core models work but are simply too slow
    -BUY it, its the next big tech time bomb-With this, for us here in south africa, it eliminates ----the need for satellite TV because everything is available online these days
  • A very handy small keyboard for my raspberry pi

    posted by Joske447

    I needed a very small keyboard for my project where I embed a raspberry pi and a small screen so I can have a compact mini pc to control my entire project ... so I bought this keyboard.Until now I haven't really had any issues with it. It's just working out of the box ... so no problems with drivers. And of course the backlighting of the keyboard is one of it's really handy features.
    I really recommend it to anybody who is searching for a compact and handy mini keyboard.It can also be used for presentations with a laser pointer and a mouse controller.
    Really handy and you can use it for multiple things.
  • Good, but not perfect.

    posted by JaderDXExtrame

    Good size (small) and build quality. Air mouse is easy to use and the remote control easy to configure. Battery lasts quite. I´m using in a Smart TV LG and is just plug and play.
    Inspite of the keyboard, i like it. The air mouse turns de use o the Smart TV much more easy, and the possibility to configurate two (basics) remote control (TV and Home Theater) very usefull.
  • Good quality, works well!

    posted by darkcrow101

    - IR remote learns easily- IR remote still works when keyboard/mouse is switched off (so you don't waste battery)- Gyration mouse is accurate and works well with Windows 8, sensitivity can be adjusted- Comfortable in hand and almost too light weight- No additional drivers needed in Windows 7/8- Audio speaker and microphone work well, It shows up as a selectable audio device in Windows
    This is a good all around solution for HTPC users.... I myself use it for my satellite, htpc and tv. Works well with all 3 after teaching it the IR codes, so now I can just use one remote.Works well with Windows 8 since the MCE remote does not control new W8 apps like Netflix
    Highly recommended. Great quality as expected from the RII line of mini keyboards
  • A great android system to use with Play Store

    posted by SmashCLS

    Supports GooglePlayRemote control with keyboardFast app switchYou have a full android system in your TVUsing YouTube and XBMC is really cool.
    I'm still looking for the solution of this netflix issue. Movie playback isn't working; the movie is overlaped or something, I don't know what could be wrong, some configuration I'm still trying to solve this.Other apps made for android tablets work perfectly, this is a great system to have a full android system in your TV.
    If Netflix I can manage to have netflix working it would be really worth the money. It's fast, responsive, easy to use and gives you the opportunity to improve your apps by downloading them at the GooglePlay.

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