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military army rope

You can find fashionable military army rope at a low price. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.

military army rope Customers Reviews

  • Paracord rope - army green

    posted by VasaX

    Good price for quality and length.Actually really army green (unlike D-ring carabines here...)Even if I doubth that is original most common used version of paracord, it looks really great.I would use it for survival purpose.Its great for DIY projects and bushcrafting
    Great paracord, same as other similar ones here on DX with different colors and patterns.Excellent for bushcraft, DIY (braces, handles, keyrings) and as all purpose rope.
    Good price for the quality, good rope, if you looking for some paracord and you do not inted use it extremely (like push if it holds 140kg (I believe so, but I fear for hidden deffects which could be breaking point)) or do some dangerous stuff (as climbing, repelling - it is not for this purpose anyway), this one is great choice. I mean, this or another color version.
  • I recommend for use.

    posted by yakovmp

    Parachute sling an irreplaceable thing in campaigns. His Sispolzovany it is possible to fix with ease and marching tent, and to pull a canopy from a rain. Considering its exclusive durability, it can even be used as a cable, for descent from height or lifting on small heights. But its application in this direction is limited to its small diameter - it is necessary to use special adaptations for fixing of capture of a hand on a sling. Otherwise it is possible to be traumatized.
    It is necessary to have in a backpack of each tourist at least two copies!
  • Better than expected

    posted by 086man

    it has the 7 strands inner core and the colour is great for making Braclets,Looks great and for the price one cant complain. the thing that makes it win for me is not having to pay postage,i reckon it will do for my tarp over my hammock and many other uses but its so nice looking i should keep it for things like braclets and other fancy knot items
    Just ordered some more
    Perfect for my needs and will be recommending it to my mates that buy the usa made cord at around the same price but pay big money on postage
  • Good strong rope

    posted by Unit22

    Good strong rope. It made from synthetic materials, so you need to scorch its ends after cutting.
    Can be used anytime when you need a rope. I have not try it for mountain climbing, and i think it not suitable for it, the other ways to use are welcome. It can be used even like a shoelaces if you need.
    Perfect deal, use it for outdoors when fishing, boating, playing airsoft tactical games and simple camping. Do not forget it if you are Frodo and going to Mordor :)
  • Excellent

    posted by Kallico

    The product is very excellent. Very well made. The colour can really camouflage itself in the wood. It have 7 nylon cords inside which make it very strong.
    Unfortunatly I don't had a chance to test the rupture charge of this cord yet. But by their appearence and structure i think it can hold 140-150kg.
    good to make survival bracelets, lanyards, knife handles, survival belts, watch straps, useful in camp when you can use it to make a shelter, fish, and even use it to ultra emergency rapel.. You can use it in a lot of things. only depends on your creativity

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