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microsd sd Customers Reviews

  • Works a treat

    posted by adrian_cerecast

    Works without a problemCorrect thickness so it won't get jammed in some devices.Using a microSD gives you more choices of flashcard.
    Identical to sku.5341, except sku.5341 has a 'Sandisk' sticker which might cause a card to get stuck if the sticker adhesive.
    Buy it
  • Great value but a bit flimsy

    posted by ice42

    - The price is excellent.- They hold one SD card and one MicroSD card.- They are light.- They will protect from scratches.- They look nice.- The plastic is clear.- They close with a latch.
    They're a bit bigger than expected. The size is about the surface area of 2.2 SD cards. The thickness is as thick as 2 SD cards stacked on top of each other.
    These are great for dust and scratch protection.They do no provide enough crush protection compared to regular cases you get when buying regular SD cards.The price is excellent. Overall, they are a great value.
  • Good Gadget

    posted by Julpsy

    It works and didn't encounter any problem with the product.Very easy to use and definitely this product are for those who want to extend/use a bigger storage in tablets/smartphones e.g 256GB SDXC Memory Card,where microsd still haven't even came out a 128GB capacity version.
    Wish that it came in black or white colour,and not brown,so this may match the exterior colours of most pc products.Another thought is,wish it was provided a piece of double-sided adhesive to make the product stay put and doesn't move.
    Definitely a well-thought product.It is not widely available in most places.....so this this the place to buy it.Highly recommended store!
  • Just as good as other cases!

    posted by ArjanJansen

    The protective cases are from decent materials and are quite strong. The MicroSD cards can fit in pretty good. The four cases are exactly the same.
    Perfect for store away the loose SD cards.
    For the sending you don't have to be at home because the package can be delivered in the mailbox.
  • It does what it supposed to do.

    posted by FiDmVl

    Great value for money. After formatting, the capacity of the memory card shows as stated 16GB. My phone BEDOVE X21immediately discovered it, and it works fine.
    Original color, to be not like others around. During the time that I ispolzuyu this memory card, there was not a single failure in its work.
    Decent quality, external damage, defects were found. Casting smooth, free of burrs and rough edges. Definitely will recommend to friends.

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