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microsd sd card Customers Reviews

  • Just as good as other cases!

    posted by ArjanJansen

    The protective cases are from decent materials and are quite strong. The MicroSD cards can fit in pretty good. The four cases are exactly the same.
    Perfect for store away the loose SD cards.
    For the sending you don't have to be at home because the package can be delivered in the mailbox.
  • Great card adapter!

    posted by truchisoft

    MiniSD cards that i used it with seems to fit perfectly, the speed doesnt seem to change. usually with this kind of adapters there is a high risk of breaking the connectors inside if you plug the smaller card incorrectly. Doesnt seem to be the case of this adapter, though.
    I find it perfect for everyday use, having my Dingoo and all, this one is a no brainer, i have all my first season of Star Trek The Next generation on it!
    Buy it! (specially if you have a dingoo!)
  • Feels a bit fragile

    posted by pulkomandy

    Well, it works. At such a low price, that's already a good thing.
    I used some as microSD sockets for a cheap electronic hack, by soldering them to a piece of protoboard. Doing that, I melted the pastics which makes it a bit unhandy. I didn't run into such problems with some other adapter models.
    Well, you get five of them for such a low price, it doesn't atter if one or two of them break after some time. You already have replacement parts waiting.
  • Best card reader so far

    posted by mausaka

    Small size make it easily attacheable anywere.Cover protects the card. mine got wet a couple of times and still working perfectly.
    I made a small hole in the top of the cover to pass trough the strap and attached it to the reader.Now i can let it in my keychain with no worries about losing the cover.
    Works great and price is great.Great deal.Im using with a class 4 8GB card, but tried with a class 10 32Gb and it worked perfectly.
  • Great small little gadget that works

    posted by SimonW

    Great way to get cheap SDHC to work on devices uses MicroSDHC for little cheaper.
    Recognized by my PSP with Pro Duo adapter
    BlackSpeed on PSP with class 6 Patriot SDHC.
    (Blocksize 1024.0k)
    write : 6.9538 MiB/sec
    (Blocksize 1024.0k)
    read : 7.3241 MiB/sec
    (Blocksize 32.0k)
    write : 6.8715 MiB/sec
    (Blocksize 32.0k)
    read : 2.1270 MiB/sec
    (Blocksize 2.0k)
    write : 0.4105 MiB/sec
    (Blocksize 2.0k)
    read : 0.8948 MiB/sec
    (Blocksize 0.5k)
    write : 0.1006 MiB/sec
    (Blocksize 0.5k)
    PI: 243
    Confirmed works with my 16GB class 6 Patriot SDHC on my E71, my PSP with MicroSD to MS Pro adapter.


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