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microsd card Customers Reviews

  • Awesome

    posted by gettmad

    Excellent card. Works very fast in the Dstt and Dstti. Compared to the Kingston 4gb card bought here it's night to day. Kingston cards are crap. Sandisk is the best!!! Very good customer service too if you need them. This will be the only card I buy for memory now. It loads games ultra fast for the Dstt and makes it run efficient and problem free.
    Don't waste your money on Kingston crap. This is the one.
  • It does what it supposed to do.

    posted by FiDmVl

    Great value for money. After formatting, the capacity of the memory card shows as stated 16GB. My phone BEDOVE X21immediately discovered it, and it works fine.
    Original color, to be not like others around. During the time that I ispolzuyu this memory card, there was not a single failure in its work.
    Decent quality, external damage, defects were found. Casting smooth, free of burrs and rough edges. Definitely will recommend to friends.
  • Works but add needs a little clarity

    posted by Fenrir26

    What can I say, they are micro sd cards, work as expected. Bought 2 with a CR-5400 to add some extra space for my PSP, much cheaper than going out and buying an 8gb card.
    Good if you need a little extra room for your phone or other electronic device, remember these are SDHC cards so make sure you verify your device can handle them.
    A bit bothered that they are not true class 4 but for the price you cannot go wrong.
  • Cheap, decent quality

    posted by Lenneke

    Had so many microsd card+adaptersAnd normal sd cards, but most of them didnt have a case with it,These are really cheap!! Compared to local stores €3.5eaGot 2sets of these(20cases) and i already used all of themNeed to order moreYou can't compare the quality to high proce brand ones, but if you compare them to no brand ones, they are the same
    Cheap!It does what i bought them for:)
    Cheap, cheap, cheapBuy them if you got many sd/microsd cards without cases
  • Very good microSD card, best price/speed/capacity

    posted by ektorbarajas

    What a price ! for 8 GB ! and a fast card, I purchased (2) of them to use it with my PhotoFast CR-5400 and PSP slim.
    I transferred several files (small and large) from my laptop to my PSP and the write speed was between 5.5 and 6.9 MB/S not bad ! so you could say it's a mciroSD Class 6
    I used the program "HD Speed" to measure the read speed and it was between 6.4 and 6.9 MB/S !
    the quality of the memory is good but could be better.
    It's s very good relationship between price, speed and capacity.
    I don't know if it really is a class 6, but for the transfer rates you could say that.
    I'm planning purchasing more cards to use them with my Wii and with other digital cameras.
    DX should offer 16 GB micro SD Class 6 cards of this OEM

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