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microscope uv Customers Reviews

  • Nice mini microscope

    posted by thezar

    Very nice design. Powerful lights. Cheap. And great you can zoom it manually to get clear picture of your target. Also what i like is that strap and leather pouch.
    This 60x zoom is great distance to see what`s "inside" tiny things or from what they are made of. With this it is good to check material quality from all kind of things you ever want to see.
    Because of 60x of this tiny microscope i love this product.. So easy to use or hang with it.
  • A super mini Microscope

    posted by fedelago

    It have three powerfull leds, with difference type of intencity. Its very confortable to use, and to keep in your poket.
    It comes with a little bag made of leather. or simil leather. It comes with intruccions, and a focul adjusting barrel.
    Very funny, its useless, but you can see anything, your finger, papers, liquid, the tv. etc-
    Nothing else to say,
  • fun little gadget.

    posted by thedicemaster

    it's small, comes with a protective pouch and batteries, and it has leds for light and money testing.the leds also work as regular flashlight/money testing lights when the microscope function isn't used.
    it works surprisingly well for it's price.the first thing I did was take a closer look on the screens of my phone and psvita, and while it took me a while to adjust my eyes I could clearly see the individual sub pixels.it actually works better than the "real" microscope I had as a kid.
    while the price matches the build quality, for this price it doesn't really matter.it works great, and with this price it won't really hurt your wallet to buy a few spares.
  • For amateur use

    posted by kaleidodx

    - Good price point
    - LED light helps under poor lighting, great for on the road use
    - UV light comes in handy
    If you're an amateur trying to spot inclusions in your gemstones, having an idea of what clarity means, then go with it. If you are a professional gemologist, appraiser or grader, go with a professional loupe. It's not design for professional grading purposes.
  • mini microscope

    posted by evdokiaslav

    this small microscope is really good to have a closer look into the small areas - such as maps, drawing, etc
    very good UV light to check banknotes
    white light is strong too
    pouch is usefull too
    i think for this price the item is good - usefullnes for me and for kids to look at the small areas or check the banknotes
    i like it

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