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This is our best microscope magnifier, they all share a great design and great prices. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. What are you waiting for? Buy now!

microscope magnifier Customers Reviews

  • For amateur use

    posted by kaleidodx

    - Good price point
    - LED light helps under poor lighting, great for on the road use
    - UV light comes in handy
    If you're an amateur trying to spot inclusions in your gemstones, having an idea of what clarity means, then go with it. If you are a professional gemologist, appraiser or grader, go with a professional loupe. It's not design for professional grading purposes.
  • Good budget gadget

    posted by silviopenteado

    Lightweight, +good lens, great focus, easy installation, easy to handle, allows measurement, cheap. Good for fun
    Price no one can compete besides some cons. Pays off any single cent. Go get it.
    I strong recommend this digital microscope to open your eyes (or kids´) for the micro universe
  • Not bad choice at this price!

    posted by vad798

    Very bright light-emitting diodes and compact dimensions!Convenient design!
    Normal use requires support completion under a microscope!
    Cheap but good!Well approaches for examining of small inscriptions and subjects, but it isn't so convenient to use for the soldering of smd of components (small focal length of 5 - 20 mm)
  • Extreme quality for the price!

    posted by ShakurR

    This handy tool contains 3 different magnifiers, and also three different flashlight modes (front, below and UV below). At this price, that is absolutely baffling. It look really good too! The black plastic has a matte shine and is combined with shiny aluminium, which makes it look really professional and sleek.
    Just wow!The leather pouch is very tight in the beginning but expands after having the magnifier put in it for some time.
    If you need a microscope or magnifier of some sort, I do not think you will find a better looking and functioning tool for less than 100$. Definitely a must buy!
  • Amazing, usefull and fun

    posted by Pedroluq

    I work in a graphic industry, so the main reason for the purchase is to analyse and demontrate specifications in printing products.That been said, it works perfectly.- Ok photo quality- Kind'a easy to focus, once you got the handle- It's got multiples focus, so you can get closer or farder.- Led Light- Good stand (Mostly I use it without)- Good build quality - Plug And Play (Auto install in Windows 8)
    Although I bought for work, it is funny to use an whatever you want, everyone get impressed with the images.
    I would recommend this product if you're looking for one, maybe. I Problably would look for a better resolution microscope camera.

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