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microphone holder Customers Reviews

  • It's made of METAL

    posted by ntc61

    It's almost entirely made of metal (aluminum I guess) and thats the main "PRO";It's smaller than I expected;It's adjustable in height.It's really useful.
    You will need a screwdiver to adjust the screws because they're loosely tightened.
    Well It's a nice thing and I'm quite satisfied with my purchase. Highly recommended.
  • Does exactly what it is supposed to do!

    posted by docd87

    The arm is very sturdy and tight and keeps my MXL 990 in place. It doesn't slowly fall down or anything. It sits where you adjusted it to sit. If anything I wish I bought a bit longer one.
    I don't know what the normal price for a microphone arm like this cost, but I do find it a bit pricey.
    It's a good buy for me. I can finally have the microphone super-close to my mouth and thus I don't need to turn up the recording volume and I get rid of that background noise. It also looks very professional!
  • Good for desktop use, specially if you don't have much space.

    posted by Lashman

    - Good quality material, hard plastic.- Very easy to use, totally plug an play.- Can be used in computer or in sound system.- Very good quality cable.- Nice fit to its socket.- Small.- Clean sound.- Charming and cute.
    Good for desktop use, specially if you don't have much space. It's discrete and have a good quality sound! Good for everyday use with your webcam!
    Buy it! It's so cool! Everyone should have one of this!
  • THE Microphone Stand Pick Holder

    posted by AtilaSendil

    The best thing about this is it looks cool on stage. You know; all big guitar players have something like this. And you know you have always wanted to have one (Or at least I have). It does what it says and holds the picks where they are within reach. It even comes with the picks already in place.
    the picks being included is a nice touch :-)
    If you play live and at least sometimes drop your pick then either this or the headstock pick holders. In my opinion this looks better :-)
  • Excellent handsfree mic value for money!

    posted by neato4u

    - generally good to excellent quality handsfree mic- pick up voice even from quite far away with clear quality- handles echo well even when speakers placed near- come with a small dock + double sided tape so you can place this mic on your monitor
    Unit is better if comes with black case as it would look more elegant and appear much more expensive than the current white case (which appears too plain, simple, and yes it does look cheap).
    Value for money! I lost the mic when we shifted to our new home.. maybe it is time to buy another one again?

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