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microcontroller development board

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microcontroller development board Customers Reviews

  • Works just like the real one

    posted by jmartama

    Solid build and works just like the original Arduino Uno board. Compatible with Arduino development environment and all examples that I tested is working. Tested also with LCD Keypad Shield (118059) and relay module (265792). Good documentation can be found from official web page (arduino.cc).
    This is so cheap that it's not a problem to order these for every minor automation project. It's also very educational.
    This is cheaper alternative to the original Arduino Uno but works just like the real one out of the box.
  • Great embedded computer board!

    posted by PedroHenriqueRocha

    -This board runs ubuntu 12.04 very well, like a simple netbook computer.-It has better performance than raspberry pi, the processor Cortex A10 is more powerfull.-Good manufacturing, really nice.-It has good support for development, just use apt-get to install any software from ports.ubuntu.com, this point is very cool, very easy to develop!-It comes with gcc and others programs to compile your own software inside the board.
    It exceeded my expectations!
    Nothing to say.
  • A good choice if you are looking for a cheap Arduino Board

    posted by ecerrillo

    This board has an extraordinary cheap price, and it works exactly as an Arduino board. I have been able to use it as an original one (programming, using sensors, etc). All functions seem to have worked well and at the same speed that Arduino UNO.
    I guess if the board will be performing as well as it is doing now after some time. Only time will tell.
    If you are not looking for an original Arduino UNO this board can be an excellent choice. The general aspect is very similar to the original one, except for the LEDs, whose aspect is weaker.
  • Experiment Kit for Funduino

    posted by Satanello

    Every item I found in the shipped box was exactly as shown in the pictures and as included in the list.I tested the Funduino board and every item, they all work properly.The quality/price ratio is good.
    Apart from the con, everything is perfect.Shipping time was a long, 20 days past from the day I purchased the kit to the day I actually received the package.
    Purchase is suggested.
  • Arduino Mega for a Mini price

    posted by Eridanos

    This is the arduino Mega2560 runs at Rev.3 on my PC. It comes with a 40/50 cm long USB cable and works straight from the box (after setting the right device and port in the device manager.I am planning to use it with a riser board. The connectors feel very solid. Has 54 ports compared to my very few on the nano32.
    Arduinos are easy to program I got it with a whole set of sensors and breadboard to improve my easy programming skills and planning to make a weather station out of it.
    Arduino bang for the bucks. Full with the large 256kb storage chip.


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