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microcontroller development board

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microcontroller development board Customers Reviews

  • Great embedded computer board!

    posted by PedroHenriqueRocha

    -This board runs ubuntu 12.04 very well, like a simple netbook computer.-It has better performance than raspberry pi, the processor Cortex A10 is more powerfull.-Good manufacturing, really nice.-It has good support for development, just use apt-get to install any software from ports.ubuntu.com, this point is very cool, very easy to develop!-It comes with gcc and others programs to compile your own software inside the board.
    It exceeded my expectations!
    Nothing to say.
  • Very nice Arduino-copy board!

    posted by nicocharlebois

    Very nice board to start with Arduino or to continue with it. Looks and works just like the real Arduino UNO R3 but at a much better price. The build quality is very good too. It's a genuine Atmel Atmega328P on it so 100% compatible with the Arduino software and addons. I absolutely love it! :D
    Since the orginal Arduino board in open source, this board is not really a copy. Everybody has the right to make there own Arduino compatible developement board.
    There are tons of nice stuff on DX that you can buy to combine with your developement board. I recommend you to start with at least this board and a LCD shield or something like the Nokia display to have something to play with wehn you get it. Then you can go with sensors and step motors to have a more complete Arduino kit.
  • An excellent clone of the original Arduino One

    posted by HenrikRClausen

    This is a very loyal clone of the Arduino One, the tiny 16 MHz computer loved by electronics tinkerers everywhere. Apart from the logo, every detail is in the same place as the original Arduino One, and the build quality is excellent. I've taken it through the paces of various shields, wirings and experimental setups, which it deals with flawlessly. The limitations, such as no genuine analog output, are precisely the same as those in the original Arduino design.
    It even arrived (to Europe) suprisingly fast after ordering. And it has the 'Blink' program preloaded, so you can immediately verify that it works.
    No need to pay twice as much for the original, this does the job just fine.
  • Very good starting kit

    posted by snufkin2

    Very good kit for getting started in arduinoincluds most of the basic building blocks for projects.
    there is also kit with arduino uno which is cheaperalso if you need only the board and no sensors there are cheaper options
    good buy for beginners. you wont be disappointed.
  • Great kit

    posted by josedenoyer

    Got it delivered to France in 10 days!All parts look good to me.The Uno board is fully fonctionnal.Many parts in this cheap kit.Nice box to hold all parts.
    Would absolutely need a correct manual to be able to use all part of the kit.The one that is provided as a download URL is far to be complete.
    Good product for the money, I recommend it :)


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