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  • Cheapest Arduino Clone I found. Good quality

    posted by mstefanpg

    The cheapest Arduino Uno clone on the market. It is exactly the same as the original Arduino UNO. The quality is OK, definitely worth the money.
    Very good choice.
    I am using this board for over a month and I didn't encounter any problems so far. I would recommend it to anyone looking for an Arduino Uno clone. The price difference (w.r.t. original Arduino Uno) is very noticable.
  • Arduino Board

    posted by adnaneh

    It is a nice product. Adequate to my needs. It is similar to what advertised for. Nice packaging was up to my expectations. The board is compatible with Arduino Board. Has nice additional features.
    May be extending list of purchase to more sophisticated equipment.
    The overall experience is Nice. It is good dealing with Deal Extreme.
  • cheap IO control

    posted by occar

    the Ubuntu version (preloaded) can be quickly upgraded to have x11 server and ssh server, so i have it controlled from mi PC instead of using the hdmi interface.The IO can be accessed thru bash, or C, or python, very easily.Small / compact footprint.
    I also purchased from DX a 8 relay board, because I've built an automated appliance control with network capabilities to be accessed thru internet.All the software tools are included: vi editor, C compiler, etc.Power input should be something else robust than micro usb.
    It costs almost the same than a genuine Arduino plus the network interface; AND it includes Ubuntu + tools, instead of a software design kit to be installed on a PC.I really loved this board.
  • Experiment Kit for Funduino

    posted by Satanello

    Every item I found in the shipped box was exactly as shown in the pictures and as included in the list.I tested the Funduino board and every item, they all work properly.The quality/price ratio is good.
    Apart from the con, everything is perfect.Shipping time was a long, 20 days past from the day I purchased the kit to the day I actually received the package.
    Purchase is suggested.
  • Funduino Kit-C

    posted by Amigalopin

    Card tested and is working.All the modules are not yet tested, but will be this week.Really surprised by the board quality.Packing list is as expected.All package arrives in a mint condition.
    Plugin the card on the USB port of my Laptop didn't install/recognize the card.(driver not found)I simply install the drivers available from the "Drivers" folder of the latest adruino software you can find on "http://arduino.cc/en/Main/Software"
    Now, time for me to experiment.

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