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  • cheap IO control

    posted by occar

    the Ubuntu version (preloaded) can be quickly upgraded to have x11 server and ssh server, so i have it controlled from mi PC instead of using the hdmi interface.The IO can be accessed thru bash, or C, or python, very easily.Small / compact footprint.
    I also purchased from DX a 8 relay board, because I've built an automated appliance control with network capabilities to be accessed thru internet.All the software tools are included: vi editor, C compiler, etc.Power input should be something else robust than micro usb.
    It costs almost the same than a genuine Arduino plus the network interface; AND it includes Ubuntu + tools, instead of a software design kit to be installed on a PC.I really loved this board.
  • wrong voltage 3.3v not 5v

    posted by insane2k

    - it is really cheap for what it is, and compared to buying something like this locally. - it works well- no flux, good joints
    im lucky i didnt blow my unit up with the 5V FDTI supplying 5v straight onto the VBUS pin. i was using a voltage divider to measure a battery with the arduino and the calculations werent coming out correctly - stumped me for a day until i checked the voltage.*** before you use your unit, power it with 9V on the VIN and GND, then measure the 5V pin and check its supplying 5V or 3.3V.
    my unit worked on 5V, but would have likely blown quickly if i didnt pick this up. im happy to keep, just pitty there isnt better QA at DX to stop this.the only flaw with this item is the 5V label on its belly - pending further research on the regulater and amtel chip.
  • A good choice if you are looking for a cheap Arduino Board

    posted by ecerrillo

    This board has an extraordinary cheap price, and it works exactly as an Arduino board. I have been able to use it as an original one (programming, using sensors, etc). All functions seem to have worked well and at the same speed that Arduino UNO.
    I guess if the board will be performing as well as it is doing now after some time. Only time will tell.
    If you are not looking for an original Arduino UNO this board can be an excellent choice. The general aspect is very similar to the original one, except for the LEDs, whose aspect is weaker.
  • Simply perfect

    posted by JirkaKT

    Works very well. Dimensions are very small - smaller than I expected. If you don't need too much IN/OUTput pis - this is right option. Power consumption is great - with one battery for whole life :-) The price of this board is irresistible small, but value is big.
    Great for you DYI project. Thanks to small dimension is possible to mount it everywhere. The battery may require more space than this printed circuit board.
    I am recommending.
  • Very nice kit to learn the Arduino Uno

    posted by cverhoef

    Nice and very complete learning kit. This kit will definitely give you a good way to learn the Arduino Uno and the use of the inputs and output's to the real world. The shipment was fast and well packaged.
    Very nice product and for a very good price, I recommend it.
    Good kit for learning Arduino.


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