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  • Super Kit

    posted by chriesibaum

    You get extremely many different parts for this price. A controller, ready to use including a lcd display, testshield, a lot of cables, sensors, stepper motor, remote and best of all, a large breadboard. You would pay far more if you had to buy each item seperately and way more if you would buy original arduino.
    I'm very happy with this set and ordered even more stuff for this arduino clone. I never had any issue that something didnt worked on this board. In my eyes, this board ist 100% arduino compatible.
    Buy it, just buy it! There is so much stuff you can do with this set!
  • A good choice if you are looking for a cheap Arduino Board

    posted by ecerrillo

    This board has an extraordinary cheap price, and it works exactly as an Arduino board. I have been able to use it as an original one (programming, using sensors, etc). All functions seem to have worked well and at the same speed that Arduino UNO.
    I guess if the board will be performing as well as it is doing now after some time. Only time will tell.
    If you are not looking for an original Arduino UNO this board can be an excellent choice. The general aspect is very similar to the original one, except for the LEDs, whose aspect is weaker.
  • 5V pro mini

    posted by insane2k

    - cheap- comes without headers attached as pictured- works with ERW 1.0.3- compatiable with SKU: 142041 FTDI- easy to use- All pins labelled CORRECTLY!! hooray!
    has A6 and A7, hard to use on a breadboard due to offset and inset.can power directly with regulated 5v via the VCC on the FTDI header. powering the unit with 5V onto the RAW (through the regulator) results in 4.88V on the VCC pin. this gave me issues with a voltage divider calculations.
    i supplied my unit with 9V on the RAW and GND, and i measured 4.95V on the VCC pin, which suggests this unit is a 5V variant.
  • So small but powerful

    posted by korole

    It's been delivered in good condition and well packed after 4 weeks into Ukraine. Easy to use based on a lot of example in the net. It can be accompanied with other modules and parts from this site.It's safe to buy on this site as soon as it's protected by PayPal in my case. Every step from ordering to delivery tracks by e-mails. Additionally you will be provided by tracking code that valid in target country as well. Moreover the package has been delivered right to the my door in spite of free delivery.The board is pretty small but very powerful for DIY projects.
    Would be great to get it a little bit faster but it depends on mail service only. From the DX side it has been sent in-time.
    I could not find any cheaper place than here.Just get your board with good quality for your DIY projects for that money.
  • Great kit

    posted by josedenoyer

    Got it delivered to France in 10 days!All parts look good to me.The Uno board is fully fonctionnal.Many parts in this cheap kit.Nice box to hold all parts.
    Would absolutely need a correct manual to be able to use all part of the kit.The one that is provided as a download URL is far to be complete.
    Good product for the money, I recommend it :)

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