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micro usb to usb male

The perfect micro usb to usb male here to meet all your needs. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. usb female to micro usb male, micro usb male to lightning cable may be more suitable for you. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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micro usb to usb male Customers Reviews

  • Excellent

    posted by DaBonz

    Looks great, works great. Yes, I would recommend this item. It is well made, looks and feels more or less ok cable and works perfectly fine.
    A must get, however be prepared for a long delivery time but hey, it was free shipping for mine! :)
    Yes, I would recommend this item. It is well made, looks and feels more or less ok cable and works perfectly fine.
  • Nice and useful charging cable

    posted by Mooki

    The good things would be stuff like Length, Color (if you choose one you like of course) and the simple fact that it's perfectly useful and cheap.I also liked the flat cable, although it does twist a bit I still reckon it looks good and it feels pretty solid.The general build quality of the cable is pretty good, no apparent imperfections visible to (my) naked eye.
    To me this was a good buy. With kids in the house it seems at least one cable is mangled per month. This one looks like it might have a decent chance for survival.
    If you need a longer cable and find a color you like I can't think of a single reason not to buy.
  • Very useful!

    posted by kopardin

    -it can be used in any platform such as tablets, pc, mac etc..-it works perfectly with devices.-the price is the best.-performance of the data transfer is very amazing and spectacular.
    it would be better that it has a long size. But it charges so good android devices and windows 8 tablets.
    thanks to the seller and also dx. I will always buy items of this sellers items and products.
  • Great for the girlfriend who wants a PINK usb cable

    posted by kzeon

    -Vivid pink color-Cable works perfectly-Perfect for the girlfriend who insist to get a pink USB cable
    I wouldn't have bought this for myself, but it made my girlfriend very happy so...
    Perfect for a girl, good USB cable, does what it has to do, nothing more.
  • sturdy charge cable

    posted by bloemkolen

    The cable is solid build with strong and big connectors and a thick and wide flat cable, at least twice as wide as most flat usb cable's.Bright red, making it easy to find i guess ;)nice flexible cable
    It's a shame that there are no data transfer wires since it is a really nice solid build cable!For charging purposes only tho it is a great cable!I would have given it a higher rating if the data wires where installed.

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