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    posted by desolder

    My birds chewed through my older thin wire micro USB cable so I figured I needed to step up to something more robust. This one looked like it used a thicker cable, so I ordered it. Sure enough, it's a nice thick cable. Hopefully my birds won't chew through it so quickly.The cable itself charges and transfers data without any problems. No complaints there.The grips are... uhh.. grippy. And the strain reliefs are bending, unlike some other cheezy cables here on DX with SOLID (?!?!?) strain reliefs.It's orange. Orange is easy to pick out among a nest of black wires. Orange gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.
    It's only 105mm. That's a bit shorter than I would have liked. But I can't complain since that's exactly what was advertised. I've now ordered a 150mm cable with similar thick construction.
    Cheap price for a good, thick cable. Now my birds can attack it and I don't have to sweat over it.
  • Looks good but only 1 meter long

    posted by K3ndu

    It looks bit different that normal micro USB cables, its colored orange with white stripes or vice versa. But it charges and works as it should. Also the wire itself is rounded, while other chargers wires are usually plain.
    No other toughts!
    Its just Micro USB cable with a bit different look, it should work with all phones on the market.
  • My best cable

    posted by rafareino

    Very premium cable, I've measured their impedance/resistance, and it is the best!It achieve high transfer rates and never failsThe holder stripe is very goodI always can find it in the darknessI thought that it shoul stop working fast because it seems to be very fragile, but I'm using it intensely (with care) and it's working like a charm.
    It should be a bit cheaper, mainly because there are other options here at DX.com.
    I should buy many more if the price was a bit cheaper. For now only one or two of then are doing the job to me.
  • Good charger

    posted by Neonode6

    Very good Color......plnefunkcné a bezproblémové nabíjanie, vhodná na kazdodenne pouzivanie. Pouzivam ju vo svojom aute, funguje bez problemov. Super je to, ze tam má aj USB konektor, cize mozem este nabijat aj tablet sucasne s mobilom.
    None......celkom obycajná nabíjacka, vhodná do auta
    Good one simply to use car cigarette powered micro charger for my htc. I have a yellow car its good for me........ :) No problem for the phone to be charged.

    posted by zareek

    Very cheap. I ordered this cord to take advantage of using the usb port in my tv to charge, but be able to use it at the same time without being stuck right in front of the tv. It is very very cheap and very very bright so you dont trip over the length.
    i like the flat design as it allows flexibility in placing it on the floor or along a wall.
    probably i wouldnt purchase it again as its so slow. good idea though. The best use of this would probably be for overnight charging, when youre leaving it alone for a a long period of time but want it to have enough reach for you to pick it right up in the morning.


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