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micro sim card Customers Reviews

  • Perfect Microsim adapter

    posted by phonicmentor

    Cheap, small and simple. For the price its defo worth a buy. I haven't used it yet but i will do soon and if not i can always have it for emergency's or whatever.
    if you are going to be taking the microsim out alot maybe you can use sellotape or something like that. carefull you could loose it as its small.
    Just buy it, if you need to use it buy it. Its worth the wait, time and money. Dont think about it. Have as a spare or just in case.

    posted by robsdeals

    The APPLE style and color Micro SIM card adapter is a little more costly than other adapters but in my use of it I can say that for the very small size of it the plastic used is quite sturdy and so I do NOT see any damage resulting to SIMcards because they are protected by this tough enough plastic. adapter. Also the white is in theme with Apple's design strategy so it fits in well and also works well with the iPjone.
    no other thoughts other than those expressed above
    if you want need a sturdy adapter with the Apple look then this one is for you
  • Works!

    posted by the7thking

    Very cheap!For 2 usd, you get 10 of these things.Elsewhere on dx, for something around less than a dollar, you just get 1.Works as advertised.Easy to insder sim in this adapter.
    Be careful while using... if you see one which is not too good, then don't risk putting your sim in it. Try another one since you will be having other 9 to choose from :)Make sure the sim's golden part will stay on the open side.
    Is a good buy considering that for 2 USD you get 10 of these!
  • Rela easy to use

    posted by viiisuzuki

    relly easy how to use all itens. It is very intuitive how use everythingI recomend everybody to buy this.all the items fit snugly in the apparatus, without play
    with the adapter I can use simcard in other phones where entry is different.The dust protectors fit perfectly without gaps and not let dirt get in
    with this itens i can use my chip in other devices too. Its relly helps me
  • Prático

    posted by Bucabala

    Caramba, 2 coelhos abatidos com uma tacada só. Muito prático de usar, e super resistente por ser feito todo de metal.
    O fato de ser cromado auxilia muito a questão de evitar corrosão do metal, ponto positivo contra o outro modelo, que é só pintado de preto.
    Precisava de um cortador de chip de SIM para nanoSIM. Usando este, preciso fazer duas operações, mas não me impede em nada a operação.

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