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  • Using multiple phones? You need this.

    posted by negrox222

    This adapter is fabulous, as simple as removing the micro sim from your iphone 4, place it into the adapter and then to any phone you use.I have a cell phone store, and needed to use my micro sim in other devices to test ... and gave me an excellent result.I always buy in dx, their warranty and their results are excellent.
    Comes with the plate to remove the sim! always lost that accessory.
    I thought about buying this accessory wholesale distribute here.
  • excellent tool

    posted by samuel3dstudio

    produto barato e material maleável sem risco de quebrar.encaixa perfeitamente em um microSIM, perfeito para trocar de dispositivos moveis.product cheap and malleable material without risk of breaking.fits perfectly into a microSIM, perfect for switching mobile devices.
    produto muito necessário para que possui aparelho que possui MicroSIm e outro aparelho que tenho apenas o SIM comumProduct very necessary to have apparatus that has MicroSim and other devices that only have the common SIM
  • Not just a bit of plastic and a sticker

    posted by llasher

    inexpensively priceduseful
    MicroSIMS are a conspiracy to get us chopping stuff to a template so they can fit in an iPad or iPhone 4. Why are they doing this? Is it the work of the Illuminati, who are also poisoning us with airplane chemtrails and have banded together with the secret world order to keep the metric system down? They want us to use these little SIMs, which then don't fit into other phones, and that's where this product comes in, and holds its own.
    Get yourself a SIM slicer, for about $10 you can chop a regular SIM down to size, and if you change your mind just wack it in the adapter.

    posted by jetsan96

    i bought these adapters with the micro sim cutter i bought from dx. these were good quality and fits and holds all micro sims.
    Good micro sim adapters for $2. you will get 10 adapters which is more the enough. Not sure how long with the thing last, or if the cutter part will remain sharp, but looks durable.
    i would recommend the is to everyoine including family and friends.
  • Small useful peace of plastic

    posted by SergeyTaube

    Very cheap, two stickers are in the package (one with cutting line and second one to stick micro-SIM with the adapter), has been packed very well. Works exactly as described.
    There are only two stickers, but then you can use simple glue tape or something similar
    With such price it's really can be useful if you need to insert micro-SIM in a regular slot.

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