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You can buy cheap micro sim adapter from us. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.

micro sim adapter Customers Reviews

  • Rela easy to use

    posted by viiisuzuki

    relly easy how to use all itens. It is very intuitive how use everythingI recomend everybody to buy this.all the items fit snugly in the apparatus, without play
    with the adapter I can use simcard in other phones where entry is different.The dust protectors fit perfectly without gaps and not let dirt get in
    with this itens i can use my chip in other devices too. Its relly helps me
  • glad I bought it

    posted by bardsidhe

    Covers all sizes for all sim needs.does what it says, and does it well. sturdy metal frame won't break
    None reallyjust consider getting plastic ones if the sim housing on your devices is not a smooth pop in pop out set up, if the sim inserts like a SD card, then it's fine, works perfect for iPhones.
    well worth the price, and the iPhone tool is a great addition, meaning I can keep my original in the iphones box where it is safe.

    posted by robsdeals

    I am quite happy with these micro SIM adapters first for the plastic quality and second for the close tolerances with which they can be easily inserted into normal say non Apple style phones With the good tolerances built into these adapters I am sure that there won't be any problems using them in any type of smart phone which requires a Micro SIM setup.
    If you need a good quality adapter for these micro SIM cards as if the normal sized ones weren't enough!!!! then a good idea would be to get yourself these adapters
  • Good

    posted by mariarosa

    They are ideal for anyone with an iPhone and want to put 4 MicroSim card in a mobile phone SIM card that only supports normal.
    The quality is good, I see nothing more to add. There should be a different system, but the most useful and easy when changing SIM card.
    I recommend it to everyone who has a iphone 4 and want to stick the SIM in a mobile phone of another brand. For the price you can not miss the iphone users 4. If one day you run out of battery and need to change the SIM to another phone will come great.
  • Seems to work perfectly

    posted by Delphis

    * The adapter is very pretty. Printing is done on the bottom layer, and a SIM-thick layer of matte transparent plastic sits on top.* The Micro-SIM area is not just a hollow hole; the Micro-SIM sits securely on a very thin plastic layer. I expected the middle part of the adapter to pop out in order to accomodate the Micro-SIM, but this isn't the case.* The Micro-SIM snaps in satisfyingly.* Very low price. This is the cheapest attractive SIM adapter and ejection tool on DealExtreme.
    I've only loaded the adapter and inserted/removed the adapter and SIM a few times. The operation feels very secure and solid, but I obviously can't speak to how well this adapter would hold up to daily insertion/removal over a few years.
    In the end, this adaptor is a commodity item that you won't be looking at every day. As a result, this price makes this item an excellent buy.


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