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micro sdhc 16gb

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You will be surprised our best micro sdhc 16gb with an artful design and an amazing price. Here at DX we have a huge range of products for you to search from. People who browse micro sdhc 16gb also browse samsung micro sdhc and micro sdhc reader. We hope that you have a fulfilling shopping expreience, on China's leading e-commerce retailer website.
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micro sdhc 16gb Customers Reviews

  • Genuine Kingston Micro SDHC TF Memory Card (16GB)

    posted by cbenegas

    - Class 4 - Transmission speed of 4 MB / s (high speed)- Kingston is a great brand. recognized worldwide.- Easy to install (plug and play)- Compatible with many mobile phones- They are of good material.- They did not get failed
    Very happy with the product. This was done in a timely manner.----
    DX recommend the website to buy because it is very reliable and the purchase is done simply and securely. I've never had problems. Greetings from Argentina.------
  • interesting product

    posted by tg0bv7c73uk6tsn

    overall good speed especially in read mode- read : 20 Mo/s- write : 7.2 Mo/s
    write speed is the most disappointed part of this productI'm interested by this item : http://www.dx.com/p/genuine-samsung-class-10-micro-sd-tf-card-16gb-118330higher and similar read/write speed...
    speed tests were achieved in raw brute force manner- read : cat /dev/micro_sd_card_device > /dev/null- write : cat /dev/zero > somewhere_on_micro_sd_card
  • Just works

    posted by Miguel7PR

    This Micro SDHC / TF Memory Card can allow us to use 2 different types of the storage, on the one hand we have a normal Micro SD card and on the other hand can use it as if it were a normal USB memory if we introduce the card in the adapter
    It is very small and convenient
    Good product and good price / quality ratio.It is a product easy to use, and is very useful for all kinds of devices. The option to use the Micro SD card with USB adapter enables the easy exchange of data between devices such as tablets, mobile phones or computers
  • Perfect little thing

    posted by gromsy

    It works perfectly, i have only used the m2 slot, but i guess the other worksIt works fast like it should, the cable is short and strongjust plug n play, no drivers neededworks with linux tooCheap, at a regular store, it would cost like 30 $
    I got it in pink, didn't know how to order another color, but who cares
    Buy it if you need a multi-card reader for those small memory-cards, you always lose the readers that comes with
  • Average investment

    posted by redhearer

    This particular card is rated as a class 10 and therefore have a minimum of 10MB a sec. After using 5 different benchmark programs on 2 computers and an Android phone my results were: Writing speed: 6-8.6 MByte/s, Reading speed: 15-18.2 MByte/s.
    This card is highly rated by numerous computer hardware websites that benchmark flash card memory. On all of those sites the benchmarks show this card exceeding it's rated write speed of 10MB/s (most by double the rated speed).
    Average investment

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